Elle and Demos are getting married later this year in Kastellorizo—the picturesque Greek island where Elle’s family is from. This stunning kitchen tea featured feminine styling and beautiful family traditions, which paid homage to Elle’s Greek heritage.

Attendees participated in a family tradition originating from the Island of Kastellorizo called ‘Mousoukafia’ or ‘Threading of the Cloves’. Hundreds of years ago, the women in the village would thread a garland of cloves with a gold medal or coin attached to the end. At Elle’s kitchen tea, a silver tray filled with cloves and a needle and thread was passed among the guests and everyone contributed to making the garland. The coin used was more than 100 years old and was used at the bride’s mother’s Kitchen Tea 29 years ago.

Another lovely aspect of this celebration was that the bridesmaids arranged for 12 white roses from the groom, Demos. Each of Elle’s nearest and dearest at the celebration read out each of the reasons that Demos loves Elle, before presenting Elle with the rose. By the end, Elle had a beautiful bunch of white roses! ‘This was an incredible day, the attention to detail and effort that had gone into this beautiful celebration was incredible,’ Alana, the photographer, told us. Enjoy the images of Elle’s kitchen tea below!RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_01.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_02.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_05.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_04.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_03.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_06.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_10.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_09.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_08.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_07.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_11.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_15.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_14.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_13.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_12.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_16.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_18.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_17.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_19.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_20.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_21.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_22.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_25.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_24.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_27.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_23.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_26.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_30.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_29.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_28.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_31.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_35.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_34.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_33.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_32.jpgRC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_36.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_37.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_38.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_39.jpg RC_Showers_EllesKitchenTea_40.jpgPhotography Alana Blowfield | Styling, hire + decorations The Vintage Table | Florals Mila Jasmine Flowers | Venue Private Residence | Location Mount Claremont, Perth, Western Australia | Guest list 50 guests | Catering Heyder & Shears | Stationery Wedding Paper Chic

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