We love a good buffet bar! Not only are they super fun to style, bars make for a great guest activity and a way to ensure your guests can cater for themselves, leaving the host free to mingle.

Whether it be a flower bar, a cocktail bar or a dessert bar, we think there’s always a place for a bar in any affair. So in this post, we’ll cover all three!

The ever-lovely Alyssa from Random Acts of Pastel teamed up with Paige of Studio Bicyclette to put together this dreamy bar inspo, showing us how to style a bar in three ways.

Alyssa says, ‘Paige and I dreamed up this peachy party bar shoot with the idea that anyone could add one (or all three) of these simple DIY spreads to their bridal shower, baby shower, or summer party setup.’

She adds, ‘They’re the perfect way to add some colour to your party—whatever you’re celebrating! All you need is a lacey tablecloth, fresh flowers, and a few really simple, easy-to-find props.’

Read on to learn how to create these three Summer Soirée Bars:

1. DIY Flower Bar

Who doesn’t like to leave an event with a handful of beautiful fresh flowers? This bar instantly adds a fun DIY element to your party that anyone can do with ease, and it will make your celebration smell extra sweet to boot!Blog_Showers_RandomActsofPastel_02 Blog_Showers_RandomActsofPastel_01

To stock this ‘bar’ you’ll need:

– A variety of fresh cut flowers

– Multiple pairs of scissors

– Pre-cut ribbon

– Craft paper squares (we used tissue, but either works!)

– Pretty jars of water

– Fresh flowers of course! Pre-cut stems to a similar strength to save guests time and save mess

2. DIY Mimosa Bar

Throwing a brunch or lunchtime gathering? A mimosa bar is a great ice breaker (no pun intended), and with the right juice choices it can really add some fun pops of colour to your decor. Don’t forget to get creative with garnishes and add-ins!Blog_Showers_RandomActsofPastel_27Blog_Showers_RandomActsofPastel_29

To stock this ‘bar’ you’ll need:

– 3 types of juice (we used Guava, Peach & Orange)

– Bubbles!

– A variety of fruits, citrus and herbs as garnish (we recommend mint, thyme, rosemary, grapefruit, berries and edible flowers)

– Floral water or fun syrups (optional)

– Paper Straws

3. DIY Treat Box Bar

If you’re the baking type, we invite you to get creative in the kitchen whipping up some specialty treats for your guests to snack on or take home to enjoy later. If you don’t consider yourself to be a masterchef, don’t fret—Alyssa and Paige just placed a special order with Petite Nuage and cut up some fresh organic fruit instead!Blog_Showers_RandomActsofPastel_20Blog_Showers_RandomActsofPastel_21

To stock this ‘bar’ you’ll need:

– Sweet treats (these are from Petite Nuage, a lovely little shop in Toronto)

– Treat boxes (ask the shop for extra, or pick up your own from a craft shop)

– Fresh Fruit

– Ribbons and tags to label your treats