‘In the time we’ve known each other, we feel like we’ve met for the first time a number of times,’ Jacqui and Ash tell us. Their story starts in 2002, where Jacqui and Ash began high school together. Throughout school, Jacqui and Ash always featured in each other’s lives in one way or another. It wasn’t until the end of 2008 that Ash made a move at a New Years Eve party; the stars aligned when Jacqui asked a mutual friend if he had a girlfriend, only to discover he asked the same thing (cute!). They then started dating—and the rest is history!

Jacqui and Ash married at the Shaw Vineyard Estate in Murrumbateman, which naturally called for relaxed, rustic-inspired styling. As the location was already incredibly picturesque, the couple kept the décor simple, subtle and understated.

‘The restaurant feels cosy and warm, so big floral arrangements, or really big, statement decor didn’t feel right for us. We had long tables and wanted to keep centrepieces low, so people could easily talk with whoever was sitting across from them, or a few seats away, or even on another table.’

See all the images from Jacqui and Ash’s special day below!rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_01 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_04 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_03 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_02rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_05 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_07rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_08rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_09rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_10 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_13 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_12 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_11rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_14rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_06rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_15 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_19rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_16 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_18 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_17rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_20 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_24 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_23 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_22 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_21rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_25 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_29 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_28 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_27 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_26rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_30 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_34 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_33 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_32 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_31rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_35 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_39 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_38 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_37 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_36rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_40 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_41rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_42 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_44 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_43 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_46 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_45rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_47 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_49 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_48 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_50rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_51 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_54 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_53 rc_weddings_ashandjacqui_52


Photography: Dan O’Day Photography | Event planning + styling: Jacqui (the bride) | Signage + calligraphy: Carlile Design Co. Florals: Shop girl Flower girl Wedding Gown: Rachel Gilbert | Bridesmaids dresses: Saba | Shoes: Nine West (bride) Saba (bridesmaids) | Groom + Groomsmen suits: MJ Bale | Engagement ring: Arnold & Co. Jewellers | Wedding bands: McGlades Jewellers Guest list: 106 | Wedding venue: Shaw Vineyard Estate, Murrumbateman | Reception Venue: Flint in the Vines