Say hello to Love Board—a brand new online store stocking a range of pieces for your home or workspace, and tonnes of unique gifts. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and bookmark their website. We’re currently obsessing over their card range—seriously, how cute are the ‘Kan-Yay!’ congratulatory cards?blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_06

In this post, we’ll meet the brains behind the brand, Elana Mitsis—a self-confessed colour-addict and proud owner of Love Board.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your shop

Love Board is everything I love in the one spot! Growing up, I’ve always had a love for art, beautiful home décor and colour. I adore colourful pieces that can be used for celebrations or in everyday life.blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_02

2. What inspired you start your shop?

I’ve always had a love for gorgeous products and Love Board was a way for me to showcase everything I love in the one spot.blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_10

3. What does a typical day look like?

In the morning, I start by checking all emails and orders received overnight, before I begin organising and packaging all orders. Next, I could be shooting products, looking for new upcoming brands to stock, before sending off all orders by the end of the day.blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_05

4. What are your most popular products?

The most popular products would have to be the unicorn cupcake kit and jumbo balloons.blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_01

5. How would you sum up your shop in three words?

Playful, cute and colourful.blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_03

6. What is your favourite aspect of your shop?

I love that Love Board is so colourful! It’s such a fun shop.blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_04

7. What are some industry trends we should know about?

A big trend at the moment is definitely the jumbo balloons—everyone is loving them for birthdays, christenings and baby showers. They are such a great decorative piece for any celebration and perfect for photos too!blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_07

8. I am happiest when…

I’m happiest when I’m at my fave café with a coffee and cake in front of me.blog_lovemyshop_loveboard_09