Take a light-filled warehouse space, a theme described by host Naomi Miles as ‘Chic tropico-bohemia’ and a five-metre long grazing table overflowing with treats, and you have a baby shower everyone should take inspiration from.

‘As we didn’t know if we are having a baby boy or girl, I wanted to keep the styling and colours gender-neutral,’ explains Naomi.

But gender-neutral doesn’t need to mean the predictable yellow theme or equal parts blue and pink sprinkled throughout. In keeping with the ‘Chic tropico-bohemia’ theme, Naomi achieved this with ‘beautiful pops of pastel and rose pink and deep greens… we wanted to create a bohemian-tropical feel in an understated way, to show off just how amazing our venue was.’

The catering was second-to-none. Those with a sweet tooth were especially well catered for with fresh honeycomb and fruit, coconut custard crumble, mango cheesecakes, homemade caramel popcorn and sparkled doughnuts. The drinks also didn’t disappoint, with guests treated to grapefruit, ginger and rosemary cocktails and French champagne.

If you’re looking for a special touch and fresh point of difference for your shower, take inspiration from Naomi who avoided the clichéd traditional baby shower games. Instead, Naomi opted for a ‘Wishes for Baby Miles’ table. Guests noted what they hoped the baby would inherit from either or both parents, along with some future advice for both mum and bub.

‘We pegged these [notes] up around the table. It was really nice to look back and read all the beautiful things that people had written, and also provided a special keepsake for us all to re-read when the baby is older.’blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_05blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_12blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_02blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_07blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_06blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_08blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_03blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_13blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_11 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_10 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_09 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_15 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_14blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_20 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_21 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_22blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_26 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_25 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_24 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_23blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_28 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_30 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_31 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_32blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_34 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_35 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_33blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_36 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_39 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_40 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_41 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_42blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_44blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_47blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_43blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_48 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_54 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_53 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_56 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_61 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_68blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_71 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_76 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_79 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_80 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_82blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_83 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_85 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_86 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_87 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_88 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_89 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_91blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_92 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_93 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_94 blog_celebrations_naomisbabyshower_96

Photography: Varga Murphy | Event planning: Naomi Miles of @for_thedreamers and Ash of @homethugs_n_harmony | Event styling and decorations: Ash of @homethugs_n_harmony | Floral Styling: Katie Cooper Floral Designs | Props, Crockery and Cutlery: @homethugs_n_harmony, MicktricsWedding Arch Couture, Pretty Willow Hire and Hire Society | Catering and Drinks: @homethugs_n_harmony, Cilk Rose Water and Kara Kara | Stationery: Ivy Invite | Cake: Hello Sukar | Cake Topper: Etched | Venue: Viva La Blonde Hair Salon | Location: North Fremantle, Australia | Guest list: 50 guests

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