When you live in an area as balmy and beachy as the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, “Boho” is a palpable theme for every kind of event, including a baby shower.

Anna from Made to Match Events pulled together this surprise boho baby shower that is the true definition of “less is more”, and we just can’t take our eyes off these pics.

She blended modern boho décor and bundles of fresh foliage and florals to give the event a slightly tropical vibe. The colours stuck to a simple palette of white, green and gold, and were complemented by subtle raw wooden accents.

“We designed a white and gold acrylic Oh Baby sign as a focal point that could be used in the nursery after the event,” says Anna.

Other elements included a statement white balloon installation, glass cylinders with white pillar candles and a raw panelling backdrop. She also placed sneaky mini gold giraffes throughout the grazing table as an extra cute touch.

The menu featured a luxurious grazing feast by Lavish Platters, with assorted cheeses, decadent fruits, cold meats, olives and fresh bread.

“The whole concept came together so beautifully and the look on my client’s face when she arrived was priceless,” says Anna.

If you’re looking for simple ye,t sophisticated baby shower inspo for a boy or girl (or the unknown!), keep on scrolling.HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_01 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_02 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_03 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_04 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_05 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_06 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_07 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_08 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_09 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_10 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_11 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_12 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_13 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_14 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_15 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_16 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_17 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_18 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_19 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_20 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_21 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_22 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_23 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_24 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_25 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_26 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_27 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_28 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_29 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_30 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_31 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_32 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_33 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_34 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_35 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_36 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_37 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_38 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_39 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_40 HOORAY_AnitaElliston_SunshineCoast_41


Photography: Anita Elliston Photography | Event Planning + Styling: Made To Match Events | Decorations: Made To Match Events + Twisted Mr | Floral Styling: Woods & Bloom | Hire Items: Style Le Aisle + Made To Match Events | Venue: Private Residence | Stationery: September Creative

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