Oh-em-gee, get-excited because Halloween is just over 2 weeks away! But rather than chucking some jack-o’-lanterns on your door step and buying a couple of boxes of Cadbury Favourites for the kids across the street (who came trick or treating last year and you had nothing to give them but a muesli bar and some apples), this year we think you should embrace the American tradition and throw your own Halloween party!

After all, it’s the one time of year where you can let your inner monster shine and dress up like a total creep. Nobody’s going to judge you, because it’s Halloween – you’re frowned upon if you don’t dress up.

To inspire the spooky soiree we’ve undoubtedly just convinced you to throw, we’ve got a Halloween-styled shoot from the folk at Waiting on Martha to share you, along with a few of our own styling tips. If you like what you see, we’ve included links to most of the products* in the credits section below:

1. Avoid tackiness by sticking to a colour palette of dark neutral tones (black, brown and silver/grey) with pops of traditional Halloween colours like red and orange.

2. Try and think beyond the decorations you can purchase from your nearest $2 shop. Aim for antique candelabras, lanterns, pumpkin ornaments and skulls (or anything ‘skeleton-esque’) as far as the eye can see.

3. Candles make for some pretty eerie lighting, so use these in abundance. But if kids will be around, or you’re planning on getting a little…shall we say, ‘colourful’, opt for replica LED candles instead.

4. Keep the food gruesome but delicious – antipasto platters, toffee apples and murky cocktails work a treat.

5. Then decorate your party with cobwebs, moss, twigs, and copious amounts of fake spiders and you’re done!DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_01.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_05.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_04.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_02.jpgDIY_Style_HalloweenParty_06.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_11.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_10.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_09.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_08.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_07.jpgDIY_Style_HalloweenParty_12.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_17.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_16.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_15.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_14.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_13.jpgDIY_Style_HalloweenParty_18.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_23.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_22.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_21.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_20.jpg DIY_Style_HalloweenParty_19.jpg

Concept & Styling Mandy Kellogg Rye of Waiting On Martha | Photography Rustic White | Food c/o The Spotted Trotter Atlanta (Charcteuterie Board), Bantam and Bitty (Chicken Sliders and Pimento Cheese), Anne Kathleen Cakes (Cake) | Decor Pottery Barn lanternsmercury glass pumpkinsmercury glass skullsblack skull candlescrowsglitter spiderschain link candle holdersskull drink dispenserskeleton drink holderwhite skelton vaseblack and silver mercury glass vase, silver skelton handblack glitter sticks, black glitter topariesblack taper candlesmartini glassesTarget MirrorWaiting On Martha noir cake stands, black paper cheese trays, scary creature plates, snake skin drink tray, mercury glass skull wine stopper, jute bags and black twill ribbon for goodie bags | CB2 glass candelabra | Zodax Bar Cart (similar HERE and HERE) | Pier 1 Imports mini appetizer glasses | Restoration Hardware chandelier and linen ottomans

*Note: Some products may not be available for shipping worldwide.