This baby shower is wild, whimsical and exudes simple sophistication. A colour palette of deep leafy greens and clean whites set the scene to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one. Instead of opting for a more traditional ‘girls only’ baby shower, Jess of Elk & Willow Photography decided to throw a party for all of the couple’s friends and family—and crafted the event styling to suit.

Jess says, ‘we chose a colour scheme of white and green to keep things clean and contemporary looking—we didn’t want anything too babyish as it was more a party than a shower.’

The fresh florals and greenery en masse took centre stage, with an abundance of green foliage providing elegant décor for the indoor do.

‘My florist, Rachel of Wild Daughter, and I both love foliage more than anything and wanted to create a wild and whimsical look. I wanted a space that could provide the perfect backdrop for Rachel to work her magic, and the Lucky Penny provided the perfect blank canvas, with some added character,’ says Jess.

‘The Lucky Penny did an amazing job with the food. We had sliders, Thai sausage rolls, bruschetta and other fingers foods. For dessert, our guests enjoyed a semi-naked vanilla cake with lemon icing, lemon meringue tarts, caramel popcorn and vanilla cookies.’

And Jess’s favourite part of the event? Jess says, ‘spending the day celebrating with my husband Ryan—it was so nice to be able to share the day with our whole family rather than just the girls.’blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_01 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_04 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_03 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_02blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_10 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_09 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_08 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_07 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_06 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_05blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_11 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_16 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_15 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_14 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_13 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_12blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_17 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_22 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_21 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_19 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_18blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_24 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_25 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_28blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_32 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_33 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_34blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_35 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_36blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_37blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_38blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_39 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_40 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_41 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_42 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_44 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_46 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_49 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_47 blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_53blog_celebrations_showers_babyegan_62

Photography: Elk & Willow Photography | Floral Styling: Wild Daughter | Location: Melbourne | Venue: The Lucky Penny | Guest list: 60 guests | Catering + Drinks: The Lucky Penny | Desserts: Cookies + Crumbs

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