Before you get hitched, it’s important both you and your partner are on the same wavelength. Not only in terms of personality and humour, but when it comes to your goals, finances, and family aspirations.

Before you both say “I do,” sit down and have a serious conversation about your future.

Here are four discussions every couple should have before getting married.HOORAY_BenandEbony_Perth_37

Image by Ben and Ebony

1. Talk About Your Finances

If you and your partner don’t live together, the chances are you don’t have a thorough understanding of their financial history. While it’s not the most pleasant conversation to have, it is an important one!

For instance, not only will you need to know more about your other half’s income and outgoings, but you will need to know if he or she has accrued debt throughout the years.

2. Discuss Your Future

It is crucial you both share the same idea about the type of future you want to enjoy. For example, if you want to move overseas, but your spouse is happy to remain at home, it could cause conflict throughout your marriage, as one person will have to give up on their dream.

You’ll also need to have a serious conversation about protecting your financial future, too, such as developing a savings fund together, securing the best term life insurance, and buying your own home.

3. Share Family Aspirations

If you are set to say “I do,” the chances are you more than likely know if your spouse wants to start a family or has no desire to have children. If you don’t know the answer to your question, you must ask it to avoid making a big mistake.

You also will need to be on the same wavelength when it comes to raising children. While you might be happy to wait a few years to start a family, your partner might want to become a mother or father once you have wed, or vice versa.

4. Chat About Partnership Ideas

Different people will have different ideas about what constitutes a partnership. It is important to discuss how your partner views roles within a marriage. For example, they might want to go down the traditional route of a wife becoming a homemaker and parent, while they might be happy for you both to work.

It’s also vital to discuss whether you will share both incomes down the middle or if you will keep your money separate from one another. Be clear about what you want to prevent conflict from destroying your marriage.

In Summary…

The chances are you already know your partner inside and out, but it’s best to make sure you ask any crucial questions before you walk down the aisle, so you both will know what to expect after you have said: “I do.”

Knowing you share the same goals and aspirations will ultimately make you feel even more confident that they are your soulmate, and having the tough conversations early on will ensure you have a very happy marriage.