Lawn games would have to be one of our favourite wedding and event activities—not only do they add a sense of fun and frivolity to the celebrations, they also help to keep guests entertained for the duration of an event.

Whether it be giant Jenga, dominoes or croquet; these games will take your guests right back to fond memories of their childhood.

There are a bunch of companies now offering hire services for your event. If you’re in the Melbourne area, we recommend Games on the Green, who offer fantastic service and a bunch of fun games to choose from.

Now, onto some of our favourite lawn games!

1. Four-in-a-row

In this two-player game, compete to see who can be the first to make four in a row. Pick a set of counters and take turns to drop them in the top of the board to try to make ‘four in a row’, or block your friend’s move. A row can go from side-to-side, up and down or diagonally.Blog_Games-on-the-Green_Lawn-Games_01

2. Fall-out

In this game, a cylinder is filled with sticks and topped up with balls. You and your friends take turns to carefully pull out one stick at a time, but try not to let the balls fall out! Pick up any balls that fall on your turn and keep count. The game ends when the last ball falls, and the player with the fewest balls wins!Blog_Games-on-the-Green_Lawn-Games_04

3. Topple tower (otherwise known as Jenga!)

Who’ll be the first to make the tower topple? And how high can you build it before it falls? Take turns to move blocks from a lower level to the top of the tower. You can only use one hand and you’ll lose if any blocks topple on your turn.Blog_Games-on-the-Green_Lawn-Games_08

4. Badminton

Challenge a friend to a knockabout. Use racquets to serve the shuttlecock over the net. Score if your friend can’t return the shuttlecock or hits it more than once. Can you be the first to reach 21 points to win?Blog_Games-on-the-Green_Lawn-Games_02

5. Get knotted

Get in a twist with this party favourite. Kick off your shoes and play with up to three other friends to see who’ll be the last one standing! You’ll need someone who isn’t playing to spin the wheel. All other players move at the same time when the wheel stops. Move your left or right hand or foot to the coloured dot that matches the wheel. You’ll need to be quick, only one person can be on each dot at a time. And you’re out if your knee or elbow touches the mat.Blog_Games-on-the-Green_Lawn-Games_06

6. Croquet

What better way to celebrate, than a civilised game of croquet? It’s jolly good! Pull together a team, choose two balls and start at the flag. Get both of your team’s balls through all of the hoops in number order and hit the peg to win. It’s easy when you get into the swing of it!Blog_Games-on-the-Green_Lawn-Games_05

7. Hopscotch

Everyone should remember this gem from kindergarten! Start by throwing a beanbag into square 1 then hop to square 10 and back. You must skip the square with the beanbag in it, and collect the beanbag on your way back. Lose a turn if the bag bounces out of the square or you touch a line or stumble. Repeat throwing the beanbag to square 2 and hopping, then to square 3 and so on. Start each turn where you last left off and let’s see who’s got the best balance!Blog_Games-on-the-Green_Lawn-Games_07

8. Giant dominoes

Everyone remembers this family favourite but who’s played it on this scale? Start by choosing six tiles (but don’t show anyone what you’ve got!). Play first if you’ve got the double-six (or double-five if no-one has that, or double four and so on). Match a domino to either end of the domino chain. If you can’t play, pick a new domino from the pack and play it out if you can. Be the first to play out all of your dominoes to win!Blog_Games-on-the-Green_Lawn-Games_03

Photography by Kirralee Ashworth, via Games on the Green.