Now THIS is a baby shower to end all baby showers. You won’t find any cheesy games, cucumber sandwiches or awkward small-talk here; instead, Jess and Leon celebrated their baby-to-be with an epic block party that breaks all the baby shower rules.

Jess is the creative genius behind one of our fave event stylists, The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator—so when we got word that she had thrown herself a baby bash, we knew we were in for a gigantic treat.

Jess says, ‘My skills definitely came in handy for the party, though having your own is actually kind of scary (laughs). Give me weddings any day!’

Taking ‘Not Another Baby Shower’ as their theme, Jess and Leon grabbed all the typical baby shower clichés, diced them up into tiny pieces and killed them with fire.

‘Instead, we decided on one rad as heck “Baby Butcher Block Party” at our house. Guys and gals, easy and fuss-free eats, lots of booze for the non-knocked up peeps, insane tunes and epic party vibes all round so we could all kick it into the wee hours of the morning.’

With ‘gothic Palm Springs with gangster vibes thrown in’ as her styling inspiration, Jess crafted a killer event set up with occasional cheeky baby-esque cues incorporated throughout the décor.

Jess adds, ‘We went for something that was like 10% “baby related”, so the whole thing wasn’t completely bouncing over the point of why we were having a party …BUT we had to keep it fresh as (laughs)’.

She explains, ‘For word decals, I went with the whole baby blocks and alphabet vibe—so for the bar we had “A B C Drink Up Bitches” and for the dance floor a little ode to ASAP Rocky with “T U V Wild For The Night F**ck Being Polite”…sorry Mum!’

Guests were greeted by a two-metre tall pink teddy bear with flowers spewing out of his insides, finished off with a stack of kitsch balloons (think: poop emoji balloons, unicorns, and Spongebob Squarepants). The teddy-balloon-flower-Frankenstein-fusion also doubled up as party favours, with guest invited to head home with their favourite balloon at the end of the night.

Take a peek at all the pictures from this ‘anti-baby-shower’ baby shower party below!HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_054 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_000 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_003 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_009 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_032 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_025 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_012 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_017 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_051 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_056 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_053 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_036 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_040 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_027 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_030 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_048 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_039 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_063 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_060 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_057HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_083 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_078 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_085 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_088 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_087 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_118 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_121 HOORAY-Magazine_Butcher-Baker-Stylist-Creator_Baby-Shower_111


Creative concept, Planning and Styling: The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator | Photography: Jenna Mason | Videography: The Auburn Hour | Floral Styling: Fox and Rabbit | Location: Boya, Western Australia | Guest list: 60 guests | Venue: Private Residence | Decorations: The Balloon Co,  The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator + Nestle And Porter | Hire items: Hire Society,  Micktric Events,  & Owl and Bear | Grazing + Desserts: The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator | Bar: Perth Bar Staff | Stationery: Nestle + Porter | Entertainment: DJ Aslan | Hair + MUA: Elicia Rudd

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