Hola Amigos! Ready to party with some fun cactus-inspired desserts? You came to the right place.

Appealing to our weakness for sugary desserts and our love for the humble cactus, these cuties have captured our hearts. And after all, a Mexican-themed fiesta wouldn’t be complete without some cacti-inspired treats, right?

These buttercream creations are not only delicious but awe-inspiring in their detail and life-like form.

Check out our round-up of our fave desert-inspired desserts below!View More: http://dulcet.pass.us/edit-13 Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_02Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_03 Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_04View More: http://dulcet.pass.us/edit-13 View More: http://dulcet.pass.us/edit-13 Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_07Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_08 View More: http://dulcet.pass.us/edit-13Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_10 View More: http://dulcet.pass.us/edit-13Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_12View More: http://dulcet.pass.us/edit-13 View More: http://dulcet.pass.us/edit-13Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_15 Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_16Cactus-Cup-Cakes_Desert-Desserts_17HOORAY_Palm-Springs-Wedding-Inspiration_38


1. Sophie + Paisley’s Birthday on HOORAY!

2. Umawadee Sriwarom

3. Ivenoven

4. Alana Jones Mann

5. Sophie + Paisley’s Birthday on HOORAY!

6. Sophie + Paisley’s Birthday on HOORAY!

7. Alana Jones Mann

8. Ivenoven

9. Sophie + Paisley’s Birthday on HOORAY!

10. Ivenoven

11. Sophie + Paisley’s Birthday on HOORAY!

13. Sophie + Paisley’s Birthday on HOORAY!

14. Sophie + Paisley’s Birthday on HOORAY!

15. Ivenoven

16. Ivenoven

17. Ivenoven

18. Palm Springs Wedding Inspiration on HOORAY!