So, you’ve done the hard part and selected on the perfect theme for your wild one’s big birthday party. Now it’s time to settle on some of the specifics.

Jungle parties are the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild. From decorations to food, there are endless possibilities for injecting a bit of jungle-themed fun!

But, if you’re tired of monkeying around to find the inspiration you need for your jungle-themed party food, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep scrolling for some of the very best party food ideas this jungle (the internet) has to offer…

1. Lion’s Mane Snack Board

Hakuna Matata! It means no worries, and this lion’s mane snack board certainly fits the brief. You won’t face any trouble feeding your party guests their fruit and veg when it looks this fun!

HOORAY!-Jungle-Party-Food04 HOORAY!-Jungle-Party-Food05Line-break

Via Fruetcake

2. Chocolate jungle popcorn munch

It only takes four ingredients to whip up a delicious batch of this jungle popcorn munch. Simply combine popcorn, melted chocolate, trail mix and snake lollies and you’ll have a wild treat for all your guests to enjoy!


Via Nibbles and Feasts

3. Easy Jungle Cupcakes

Have you ever seen a cuter cupcake? We sure haven’t! Any birthday party is sure to be a roaring success with the adorable delights on the menu.

HOORAY!-Jungle-Party-Food11 HOORAY!-Jungle-Party-Food02Line-break

Via Chelsea’s Messy Apron

4. Tropical Leaf Cookie

These jungle leaves may look too stunning to be simple, but you’ll be pleased to know that nailing these cookies is possible for even the most novice of dessert decorators. Best of all, they’ll only take a few minutes to decorate, leaving you with plenty of time to spend with your little monkey.


Via Sweet Sugar Belle

5. Chameleon cookies

No one in the HOORAY! office could turn down one of these cool chameleon cookies—and we doubt any of your guests will be able to either. Not only are they cute and delicious they’re also super simple to prepare, meaning you’ll be ready to relax in your island paradise in no time!


Via Cutefetti

6. Monkey Doughnuts

Ask anyone which jungle animal looks like it has the most fun and we bet their response will be, the monkey, of course! Monkeys are just as cute and cheeky as your little one, making these doughnuts the perfect snack for their birthday. Everyone will be sure to enjoy digging into these mischievous desserts (just try to sneak one for yourself before they all disappear!).

HOORAY!-Jungle-Party-Food09 HOORAY!-Jungle-Party-Food08Line-break

Via Cutefetti

7. Snake Cake

No birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake and what better for a jungle party than a ssssseriously ssssscrumptios snake cake like this one?

witch with snake cake

Via Martha Stewart