Meet Amy and Jarrod. She’s a primary school teacher and he works as a consultant for a transport and distribution company. Together, they have a 2-year-old Labrador named Olive (who keeps them constantly entertained!).

Their wedding took place at an incredible historic venue in Montsalvat Estate in Eltham, Australia; a 35-minute drive from Melbourne CBD. Montsalvat Estate is Australia’s oldest artists’ colony and remains a home to many practising artists. Set in 12 acres of established gardens, the estate is dotted with historic buildings, charming mudbrick cottages and an awe-inspiring Great Hall.

Amy says, ‘Being at such a historic venue, we wanted our wedding to be kind of enchanted. We wanted a very earthy and welcoming vibe with lots of greenery, candles and fairy lights.’

The couple invited many of their nearest and dearest to be involved in preparations for the day; contributing the wedding cake, entertainment, and more.

The couple tell us, ‘We actually cannot speak highly enough of everyone who contributed to or day—from Bel who baked through the night to ensure our cake was perfect, to Stace, Si and Karl who performed beautifully and created such a cool vibe, as well as Viv who busted out the coolest 90s music.’

‘I think when people you love create amazing things it makes it so much more meaningful and special. Katie our photographer flew all the way from Townsville—she was so lovely and cruisy the whole day; we appreciated her work so much! The footage our videographer Jonno put together is something we will always treasure.’

Amy adds, ‘I remember a moment during meal times—Jarrod and I spent a few minutes taking in our surroundings and how amazing the whole place looked (and the people that filled the space) and said to each other “how lucky are we, this is the best”. It really was the best day ever.’Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_013 Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_012 Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_011Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_003Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_017Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_007 Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_018 Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_031 Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_035Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_024Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_034Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_038Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_051Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_045Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_047Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_037 Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_039Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_042Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_041 Blog_Wedding_Jarrod-Amy-Melbourne_040
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Photography: Sweet Mary Photography | Videography: Jars of Memories | Décor + Event Styling: DIY | Floral styling: Bunched Together | Location: Eltham, Victoria | Venue: Montsalvat Estate | Guest list: 130 | Stationery: Adele Marrinon | Acoustic duo: Si Van dam Staci Sargent & Karl Russo | DJ: Viv Hosking | Wedding gown: Grace Loves Lace | Bridesmaids Dresses: Zara | Engagement ring: Ralph Fisch | Cake: Bel Padgett