Emily and Ed are a couple that nailed their wedding day. Emily was responsible for styling their entire day and even made her own 1960s influenced dress (and boy oh boy was it a good dress!). The couple kept it simple but really, it’s simple on a much funner scale. They wanted their wedding day to be like a Christmas lunch, just bigger and were careful to not make it too ‘girly’ or ‘kitsch’. And the pair did so well you’ll want to go through their photos again and again in case you miss anything. It’s SO good!

The bridesmaids and groomsmen all had a look that represented their own personal style…and they looked just as glam as the fab couple. Emily says she was ‘shaking like a leaf’ as she walked down the aisle, but before they knew it they each had a champagne glass thrusted into their hands… and were married.

Emily describes her wedding as ‘the most dapper party you’ll ever attend’ with long communal tables with shared platters lots of wine. This wedding is sublime.RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_01.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_03.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_02.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_09.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_08.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_07.jpgRC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_04.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_06.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_05.jpgRC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_13.jpgRC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_10.jpgRC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_11.jpgRC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_19.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_18.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_17.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_16.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_15.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_14.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_12.jpgRC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_30.jpgRC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_20.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_29.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_28.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_27.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_26.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_25.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_24.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_23.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_22.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_21.jpg RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_34RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_33RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_35 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_36 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_37 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_38 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_39 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_40 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_41 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_42 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_43 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_44 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_45 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_46 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_47 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_48RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_50 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_49
RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_51 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_52 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_53 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_54 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_55 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_56 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_57RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_31 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_58RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_32 RC_Wedding_Emily-Ed_59

Photography Lara Hotz | Venue The Lion Gate Lodge, The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney | Event Styling The Bride | Brides Headpiece Sticks and Wicks | Wedding Dress The Bride | Shoes Something Bleu + BHLDN | Bridesmaid Dresses Rachel Gilbert hired from Dressed Up | Hair + Make-up Annette Twemlow | Groom’s Suit Steel & May | Invitations The Bride | Catering Piquant Catering | Cake Jenny Sarks | Crockery, Cutlery + Napkins The Vintage Kitchen | Gifts for Guests Cam’s Jams