Take a loved-up couple, a picturesque island setting, a bunch of fireworks and a music line-up to rival a festival, and you’re sure to have one epic wedding.

Caitlin and Zac explain, ‘We opted for a 3-day event instead of a classic one-day wedding. In no way are we a traditional pairing and we wanted to be able to spend quality time with every guest and create something special.’

‘We kicked off with cocktails and seafood on the beach Friday night, a relaxed Saturday by the beach, followed by an informal ceremony at the Dunk Island lookout and a party well into Sunday morning for the reception. We ended with acoustic music by the pool on Sunday and said farewell to our guests Monday morning.’

Live music was heavily incorporated over their three-day event, including sets by acoustic musicians, as well as Gang of Youths and SAFIA.

They add, ‘the weekend was a true reflection of us as a couple, we focused on getting the food, drinks and music right and everything else just came together!’

Taking styling cues from the natural surrounds of the island, the couple focused on florals and lighting to bring the space together.

‘We enjoyed every minute of the time we spent on the Island over the three days! With all the planning in place, there was nothing to do but enjoy the with all our friends and family! The reception was an overall highlight for both of us, there was crowd surfing, table top dancing and our incredible floral pool install was turned into a jumping castle!’

And their best tips for couples tying the knot? ‘Get a great photographer who you’re comfortable with and, if your budget allows, get a videographer! We changed photographers late into our planning because we just didn’t feel the original photographer got ‘us’ as a couple and I am so glad we did – Callie and Andre from Florido are the best.’

Enjoy all the images from Caitlin + Zac’s wedding below.HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_001HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_002 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_003HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_010HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_012 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_011 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_009HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_016HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_019 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_017HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_022 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_023 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_029 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_035HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_040HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_045 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_047 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_044HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_050 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_054HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_058 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_061HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_060 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_057 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_063HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_066HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_071 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_069HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_070HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_080HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_082HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_084HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_085HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_090HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_092HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_095 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_094HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_100 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_101 HOORAY_Wedding_Caitlin-Zac_103


Photography: Florido Weddings | Videography: Danny Camara | Floral Styling: Stem Design | Location + Venue: Dunk Island, QLD | Guest list: 180 guests | Catering + Drinks: Dunk Island, QLD | Lighting and staging: Progig | Celebrant: Mission Beach Celebrant | Stationery: Little Peach Co | Entertainment: Gang of YouthsSAFIA, DJ and fireworks | Bridal gown: Rue De Seine | Bridal Veil Anna Campbell | Accessories: Samantha Willis | Hair and makeup Jim Jirranatiju | Rings Pavection | Bridesmaid dresses Tigerlily