There’s something irrefutably irresistible about black diamonds… While we’ll always covet the classic beauty of a white solitaire ring, we love a deep, moody stone as a luxe alternative to the traditional engagement ensemble.

These decadent, moody-hued pieces are the perfect adornment for a bride that doesn’t play by the rules; the bride who seeks to flaunt her individuality with a one-of-a-kind jewel as unique as she is.

Beautifully unexpected while timeless in their beauty, we’ve rounded up our fave dark engagement rings that we covet for their unique character and artful arrangement.

Take a peek at our round up of dark diamonds below. HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_01 HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_02 HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_03HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_04 HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_05HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_11HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_06
HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_09HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_07HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_08HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_12 HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_13HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_14 HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_15HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_16HOORAY_Dark-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring_18


1. Alexis Russel | 2.  Mociun | 3. Natalie Marie | 4. Anna Sheffield | 5. Alexis Russell | 6. Natalie Marie | 7. Anna Sheffield | 8. Catbird NYC | 9. Vrai and Oro | 10. Grew & Co | 11. Alexis Russell | 12. Fabian Diamonds | 13. Anna Sheffield | 14. Etsy | 15. Anna Sheffield | 16. Trabert Goldsmiths