This Melbourne Town Hall wedding has us all wrapped up in its moody tone, gorgeous details and historic charm.

Cassie is a textile designer and her now-husband Chris works in public relations. Being Melbourne-based in what the couple describes as the ‘Fitzroy/Brunswick/Collingwood bubble’, it was only fitting that the pair would exchange vows in the Fitzroy Town Hall.

Using the historic venue as their starting point, Cassie and Chris took inspiration from the unique colour palette of the building to guide their event styling.

Cassie says, ‘We wanted to enhance the vibe of the venue by paying tribute to its history and Melbourne-ness.’

‘The decor and flowers were centred around the colours of the building. The hall has some odd colour combinations and it can be a bit weird and wonderful. I thought it was important to play with this rich palette for the stationery and table settings.

Cassie’s designer background came in handy for a number of elements throughout the event—from the DIY stationery, to table settings, favours, robes and bouquets (though looking back, she wouldn’t recommend attempting crafting bouquets yourself!).

‘Luckily I had a piece of artwork that was used in a collaboration I did a couple of years ago that had the perfect colour palette for the space. That was used for the stationery and napkins. I had some leftover silks from the last collection that mum whipped into robes and I did the bouquets the night before the wedding, which I probably wouldn’t recommend doing!’

And the couple’s advice for those planning to tie the knot? Cassie says, ‘No matter your budget, I think it’s important to define what the most important things are to you. To us, it was good food/drink, photographer and entertainment. That is where we spent the bulk of our budget and the results speak for themselves!’

‘I think this applies to any budget as there are so many amazing images of spectacular weddings that you get into this wedding warp and suddenly green velvet chairs and gold cutlery are the most important thing in your life!’

The couple adds, ‘It’s a cliché, but this absolutely was the best day of our lives. We created our wedding day as a way for our family and friends to celebrate with us—but we were blown away by the love and good vibes we felt from every single person who attended. It was a feeling we’ll never forget. It’s another cliché but we felt our day was really ‘us’, and that’s the feedback we got from a lot of guests too!’

Enjoy all the images from Cassie + Chris’ wedding below!HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_01 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_02HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_09HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_10 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_11CassieChris_KatieHarmsworth066HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_15 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_16HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_18 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_17HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_21HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_23HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_24 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_25HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_26HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_27 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_28 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_29 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_31HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_36 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_35HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_40HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_42 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_43HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_45HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_50HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_52 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_51HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_55HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_57 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_56HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_58 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_59HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_60HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_62 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_61HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_65 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_66HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_67 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_68 HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_69HOORAY-MAGAZINE_Cassie-Chris-Wedding_70


Photography: Katie Harmsworth | Event Planning + Styling: Firecracker EventsCassie (Bride) | Floral Styling: North Street Botanicals + DIY Bouquets | Location: Melbourne, Australia | Venue: Fitzroy Town Hall | Guest list: 97 Guests | Catering + Drinks: Firecracker Events | Cake: Fig + Salt | Stationery: Cassie (Bride) | Entertainment: Horns of Leroy + Kieran Lovejoy DJ | Wedding favours: Printed napkins, Cassie (Bride) + sewn by Marie (Mother of the groom) | Bridesmaids Dresses: Kuwaii | Shoes: The Iconic | Suits: Oscar Hunt | Celebrant: Felicity Johnson | Hair: Ginger Light | Photobooth: Exposure