As a same-sex couple living in the USA, it was so important for Kara and Kristen to show the world how much their wedding meant to them. Instead of adorning it with rainbow flags and cakes – which they say is still awesome, just not their style – they incorporated some small, but impactful ways get across the importance of their special day.

Kristen walked down the aisle to Lady Gaga’s infamous ‘Born this Way’, a song known for empowering the LGBTQ community. While Kara walked down the aisle to a song they happened to stumble across online – a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘I Wanna Love You’, used in a Magnum ice cream commercial depicting the marriage of a same-sex couple. It was the message of the video, together with the beautiful vocals that resonated with Kristen and Kara. ‘Plus, ice cream is always good too,’ they add.

The couple also slipped a card into the napkin at each guest’s table setting, titled ‘The Day Love Won’. It shared the United States Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex couples to marry.

Through these little messages, the couple was able to show how far the LGBTQ community has come regarding equality and the right to marry in the United States, and how big a deal it is to them.

‘We didn’t want rainbows everywhere but more so little touches with big meaning,’ say the couple.

Kristen and Kara have a heartfelt message for people who might disagree with the right for same-sex couples to marry.

‘We too are human beings and our love for one another is not hurting anyone. We deserve the right to marry one another and carry out a happy and fulfilling future like others’, says the couple.

‘If those who are still against same-sex marriage open their hearts, ask questions and show a little compassion to something that is different from what they know and their “norm”, we truly feel they will gain a new perspective and live a more fulfilling life. Because in most instances someone they know is likely struggling with “coming out” and why should anyone feel condemned to live in loneliness and hide their true self?

‘The way to overcome our judgments and to realise real compassion and happiness is to work against those judgments and try to understand what is different from the bubble you have lived and learned in. It will only make the world a better place!’

If you live in Australia and are participating in the same-sex marriage survey, remember, you only have until October 27 to return your form for your vote to be counted! #voteyesHOORAY_Henry+Mac_BishopFarm_28HOORAY_Henry+Mac_BishopFarm_01HOORAY_Henry+Mac_BishopFarm_05
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Photography: Dana Tavares, Henry + Mac | Videography: Caddigan Films | Floral Styling: Beaut. Bridal | Venue: Bishop Farm | Catering + Drinks: The Common Man | Cake + Cake Topper: White Mountain Cupcakery | Stationery: September Creative | Entertainment: David Ross (Ceremony), DJ Liz Ladoux (Reception) | Wedding Gowns: Made with Love + Rue De Seine | Accessories: Yellow 108, Wolf & Rosie + Untamed Petals | Engagement Rings + Wedding Bands: Santisi & Bove | Celebrant: Nicole Nihan | Hair: Kara Hurston | Make-up: Sarra Studios | Transport: W.W. Berry’s Transportation