It’s almost every little girl’s dream to have a sleepover party with her nearest and dearest girlfriends. After four years of begging her mum for one, on her 9th birthday, Mia’s wish finally came true with an indoor winter ‘glamping’ extravaganza.

Mia, her younger sister Zoe and her best friends were treated to a teepee birthday cake, s’mores with hot chocolate, floral shaped chocolate and coconut ice creams, and brownies all in the comfort of their own adorable little tent at Camp Mia (i.e. the living room).

‘We wanted to create a party that reflected a love of nature and the outdoors with a soft and playful feel,’ says Kendra of Kendra Plastow Styling, who put together the bohemian affair.

The teepees were made from colourful fabric, decorated with tassel garlands, pillows and individual tray tables for the evening’s activities.

Although, it was the intricate details that made this party extra special, including the whimsical invitations, the candle inside the campfire on the birthday cake, the bear and forest themed partyware, the mini forest wrapping paper used to wrap both the invitations and the brownies, and the individual teepee party favours.

‘The girls laughed late into the night, playing games and hand painting t-shirts,’ says Kendra.

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Photography: Lee Bird Photography | Styling: Kendra Plastow Styling | Partyware: Melt Bake And Party | Cake: Studio Cake | Rose shaped Ice Creams & Chocolate Brownies: Popstic Ice Cream | Wrapping paper: Clara and Macy | Tepees & Chocolate wrappers: Jo Studio | Stationery: Design and Donuts | Tents: In-Tents Slumber Parties

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