It was the glistening West Australian coastline that provided the perfect backdrop for this classic-meets-modern styled shoot – a place that seems to be setting wedding trends across the world.

Using a colour palette of pink, white and gold, with black accents throughout, Pop-Up Planning Co, M Event Hire and their amazing team of Perth vendors transformed a seaside venue into a sophisticated feminine setting.

‘It needed to be refined and elegant, with some contemporary elements added in to showcase the style of the vendors involved,’ says Laura of Pop Up Planning Co.

‘It was all about playing with textures and contrast to bring our vision to life.’

The gold and white gave the styling a classic feel, while unique elements like hand-painted gold blooms, added a touch of character. Pink was used throughout all aspects, contributing a modern edge with a contrast of black as a nod to masculinity.

If you’re a bride-to-be looking for a contemporary wedding with a touch of glam, this might just be all the inspiration you need to style the big day of your dreams.HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_01 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_02 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_03 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_04 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_05 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_06 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_07 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_08 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_09 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_10 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_11 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_12 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_13 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_14 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_15 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_16 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_17 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_18 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_19 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_20 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_21 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_22 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_23 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_24 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_25 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_26 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_27 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_28 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_29 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_30 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_31 HOORAY__TheDayWeddings_MatildaBay_32

Photography: The Day Weddings | Event Planning + Styling: Pop-Up Planning Co + M Event Hire | Floral Styling: Soul Flora Studio | Hire Items: M Event Hire | Event Venue: Matilda Bay Restaurant | Catering + Drinks: A Moveable Feast | Cutlery: Cutlery & Co | Stationery: Amgoorie Collective | Wedding Gown: Dion for Brides | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Natalie Rolt | Jewellery: Atlas Pearls | Fur + Model Styling: Mode & Affaire Bride | Makeup: Tori Overstone | Hair: Bo[blonde] | Models: Chelsea Morgam, Hannah Sellman, Alice Birnie