Sometimes less really is more.

When it comes to weddings, there are so many elements to consider – who to invite, what food to serve, the budget to stick to, music to play, cake to organise, floral arrangements, table settings, seating charts, invitations, and so much more…

But, what if we stripped it all back and focused on the core of marriage? Cutting away all the fuss to zero in on the relationship shared between you and your partner.

Enter elopements and intimate weddings. There’s something wildly romantic about the idea of running away – just the two of you – to secretly wed in your own space, with the freedom to be married in your own time. What is lost in guest numbers is made up in intimacy, authentic emotions and a free-spirited sense of adventure.

We’ve curated a selection of our favourite images of elopements of stunning simplicity. See our full edit of elopements and intimate wedding photography below.

Heart and Colour for The Elopement CollectiveHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_01-Heart-and-Colour Lilly RedHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_02 Lilly Red Amy BluestarHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_03 Amy BluestarLucking Photography
HOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_04 Michelle Lucking Danelle BohaneHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_05 Danelle BohaneSAŠA ADAMOVIĆHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_06 Sasa AdamovikKeegan Cronin
HOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_07 Keegan Cronin Lara HotzHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_08 Lara Hotz Photography India EarlHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_09 India Earl Jordan VothHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_10 Jordan Voth Abby RosesHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_11 Abby Roses Cody & Allison PhotoHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_12 Cody and Allison Photo Mountain and MoodHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_13 Mountain and Mood Ely RobertsHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_14 Ely Roberts Dawn PhotoHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_15 Dawn Photo It’s Beautiful HereHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_16 Its Beautiful Here AntelopingHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_17 Anteloping Benj HaischHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_18 Benj Haisch Phil ChesterHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_19 Phil Chester Noelle JohnsonHOORAY-Mag_Best-Elopement-Wedding-Photography_20 Noelle Johnson Photography