Brad and Katie’s wedding is the closest thing to a wedding somewhere in the south of Spain, without actually leaving Australia. Having envisioned sipping Aperols on a Spanish beach and unintentionally booking their wedding on the same day as Riverfire ­– Queensland’s ultimate fireworks display – the idea of having a ‘Spanish Romance’ wedding was born.

‘Our wedding aimed to capture the essence of young love,’ says Katie.

‘We wanted to keep the vibe light and colourful, yet romantic.’

At the ceremony, guests were greeted by a love heart piñata, filled with confetti and glitter (which the couple later broke open during their photoshoot). Inside the venue was the spectacular ceremony backdrop – a floral arch draped with macramé and bright pink monochromatic bougainvillea – as well as an amazing hand-painted image of Frida Kahlo.

The reception was given a navy and pink colour palette with highlights of aqua and purple. Without wanting the event to feel too styled, the couple gave it a Spanish flavour by using lots of colour and patterns and an abundance of fresh blooms.

The table styling was fun, busy and colourful. Vibrant florals filled every table, which were offset with black candles and patterned tableware. The bridal table was a wooden circular table that sat in the centre of the venue, below a chandelier adorned with hanging roses.

Guests feasted on delicious Spanish-themed share plates, filled with delicacies like Chorizo, Paella, Ceviche and Churros, and sipped on Sangria will into the night. After dinner, they spilled outside to capture the night sky light up with a dazzling firework display.

‘Brad and I were able to steal a quiet moment behind the crowd to take a breath and enjoy the ambience. After this, the party really began. Dancing, indulging and truly enjoying La Dulce Vida,’ says Katie.

Take a peek and their beautiful vibrant wedding photos below.HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_10 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_07HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_11HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_12 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_06 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_05 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_08 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_09HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_04 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_03 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_02 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_15 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_14 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_13 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_17 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_22 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_21 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_20 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_19 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_24HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_23 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_25HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_26 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_29 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_30HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_31HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_32
HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_34 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_38 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_37 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_36 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_35 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_54 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_53 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_52 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_51 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_50 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_48 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_46 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_44 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_42 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_41 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_40 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_38 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_37 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_36 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_35 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_34 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_33HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_55 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_58 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_69 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_68 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_67 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_66 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_65 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_64 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_63 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_62 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_61 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_60 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_59 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_57 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_56HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_70 HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_72HOORAY_FloridoWeddings_Brisbane_73Photography: Florido Weddings | Event Planning, Styling and Decorations: White + White | Venue: The High Church (ceremony) + Moda Restaurant Brisbane City (reception) | Floral Styling: Bouquet Boutique | Hire Items: Frank & Joy | Catering + Drinks: Moda Restaurant | Stationery: Wolley | Entertainment: Nick Troves + DJ Black Amex | Wedding Gown: Grace Loves Lace | Bridesmaids Dresses: For Love & Lemons | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Suits: MJ Bale | Engagement Rings + Weddings Bands: Power Jewellery | Celebrant: Married by Jen