Peter is a Data Scientist with a love of football and Brittany is a Campaign Manager with a passion for making things. Their wedding was an untraditional, intimate affair that represented them perfectly as a couple.

Brittany and Peter knew they wanted the DIY much of their wedding, so when it came to picking a venue, it was essential they found one that allowed them to add their own special touch.

‘When we saw Glasshaus, it was a no-brainer. The space was beautiful and gave us the ability to put our own stamp on it,’ says Brittany.

Being fuss-free people, the couple had a cocktail-style reception with minimal styling that let the venue speak for itself. The tables were merely decorated with bunting and bunches of fresh blooms, and featured photos of their parents and grandparents on their wedding days.

‘We created our own paper cone backdrop for the ceremony. We must have spent tens of hours cutting, tapping and knotting them into string, which we hung off a piece of wood in the venue,’ says Brittany.

‘My mum made the felt Daffodils that the groomsmen wore on their suits and I made the three-tiered lemon and poppy seed wedding cake (in honour of my late grandmother) and cake topper. Peter even hand cut and carved our “Welsh Love Spoon” wedding favours from Tasmanian Huon Pine.’

As for Brittany and Peter’s advice for other couple’s hoping to plan casual affair?

‘Do what you want. If you want to break with tradition, do it. The day should reflect you, not a “wedding”, so do what you feel comfortable with.’HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_01 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_03 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_02 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_09 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_08 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_07HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_06 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_05HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_04HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_10 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_13 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_12 HOORAY_MadeleineChiller_Richmond_11
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Photography: Madeleine Chiller | Event Planning, Styling + Decorations: Brittany and Peter | Floral Styling: Brittany with flowers from Glasshaus | Venue: Glasshaus | Catering + Drinks: Create Catering | Cake + Cake Topper: Brittany | Wedding Gown: Rue de Seine | Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridesmaids’ Own | Floral Headpiece + Bouquet: Flowers Vasette | Shoes: Gorman | Suits: Gibson | Engagement Ring: Kozminsky | Wedding Bands: Rutherford | Celebrant: Chloe Vieth | Hair +  Make-up: Bec Wilson