Adam and Caitlin’s wedding was industrial, non-traditional and a whole lotta’ fun! Hosting both their ceremony and reception in a warehouse situated adjacent to a shipping container yard gave the couple all the inspiration they needed to style the event.

Given the wedding was never destined to be traditional, the couple decided to say their ‘I-Do’s’ at Gather & Tailor, a venue that takes the industrial aesthetic to the next level.

They softened the look of the space by hanging fresh foliage from the ceiling and placing florals like peonies, orchids, roses and native varieties on the tables. They also scattered hundreds of candles throughout the venue to ensure it felt warm and inviting.

‘I loved that the soft lighting of the candles, together with the greenery and hanging installations, juxtaposed the sharp industrial exterior of the venue. It really made for a nice surprise when you walked inside,’ says Caitlin.

Apart from advising couples to do things their way, Adam and Caitlin have a piece of crucial advice of others planning their big day.

‘Find a great photographer for your day! Look at wedding blogs, Instagram – anything really – and choose a photographer whose style you love,’ explains Caitlin.

‘I can honestly say that picking experienced photographers whose work we loved was the best decision we made.

‘We fell in love with the style of Kat and Scout from It’s Beautiful Here straight away and knew they had to be our photographers for our wedding. They were also really lovely people and it was great to have them be a part of our special day.’

‘I’ll never forget Adam and I looking at some of the first photos they sent us and saying, “wow it looks like we could be in a magazine!” Little things like that make your wedding day feel extra special.’HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_01 HOORAY_Its-Beautiful-Here_Gather-Tailor_02 HOORAY_Its-Beautiful-Here_Gather-Tailor_01HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_05 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_03 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_07 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_06 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_12HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_13 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_25 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_24 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_23 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_22 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_21 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_20 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_17 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_16 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_15 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_14HOORAY_Its-Beautiful-Here_Gather-Tailor_04HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_26HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_27HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_29 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_33 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_36 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_35 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_34HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_37 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_38HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_40 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_39HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_44 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_43HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_45 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_42 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_46 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_47 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_48HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_49 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_55 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_54 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_52 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_51 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_50HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_56 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_57HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_58 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_61 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_60 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_62 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_63HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_64 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_65 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_66 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_67 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_68HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_69 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_70 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_71HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_72 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_74 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_73HOORAY_Its-Beautiful-Here_Gather-Tailor_03HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_75 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_77 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_76HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_78
HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_79 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_80 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_82 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_83 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_84 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_85HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_86 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_87HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_88


Photography: It’s Beautiful Here | Event Styling: Bride + Groom + Events by Hello Blooms | Decorations + Floral Styling: Events by Hello Blooms | Hire Items: Pepper Sprout Hire + The Small Things Co. | Venue: Gather & Tailor | Catering + Drinks: Pot & Pan | Cake: Crème de la Cakes | Cake Topper: The Letter Loft UK | Stationery: Bride | Entertainment: Isaac, Main Entertainment | Wedding Gown: Custom-made | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: C/MEO Collective | Accessories: Mimco + Thomas Sabo | Shoes: Senso | Suits: Peter Jacksons | Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: Cushla Whiting | Celebrant: Melissa Jacob, The Ceremony Store | Hair: Pure Hair by Marnie | Make-Up: Amelia Webb

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