This styled shoot transpired from a couch – true story. After seeing the beautiful lounge from Ashdown & Bee, it was makeup artist Chantelle who imagined an intimate elopement between a young couple, using the piece to set the colour palette, mood and style of the shoot. The end result was a moody, romantic elopement that makes us want to run off to the country and get hitched immediately.

The team of talented vendors involved in the collaboration agree that they were amazed by how easy it all came together. The styling was simple, yet complementary, creating a dreamy evening amongst the gentle candlelight and stunning sunset. But the shoot would be but an image of our imagination if it weren’t also captured perfectly by the amazing photographers Anton and Raya from Across the Forest.

‘It’s always easy to work with the real couple, especially when they shine with love and you can feel the chemistry between them,’ says Anton.

‘Moana and Alex are a very creative couple. Moana is a fashion photographer and Alex is a musician and a professional model, so together they brought a special artistic vibe to the shoot.’

After initially thinking they would style the couple in classic wedding attire, the vibe of the historic venue and the outstanding handcrafted wedding gown by White Meadow gave the team a fresh vision. They wanted to stay true to the style of the couple and team a little rock with a little boho – the result being a natural and completely unique country elopement.

‘It’s always a good decision to stay true to yourself when planning a wedding,’ said Anton and Raya.

‘Do what feels right for you two and not what others think it should be like. Break the rules if you feel like it! Find wedding vendors whose work you love and who are ready to support your vision for your perfect celebration of love.’
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Photography: Across the Forest | Videography: CloudHerd Film Co | Event Styling + Decorations: Ashdown + Bee | Floral Styling: My Little Peony | Event Venue: Q Station | Stationery: Across the Forest | Wedding Gown: White Meadow | Hair + Makeup: Boho Hair + Make Up | Head Piece: Ivy + Sparrow Studio | Music: Josephine Ison, Event Entertainers | Models: Alex Arias + Moana Barroso

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