Based on the ever-growing bohemian trend, this styled shoot is a stunning side step from the traditional wedding.

‘We wanted to create an inspiring theme that’s modern, exotic and relaxed, while also being luxurious,’ says Kylie Raymer, owner of Liberty Event Styling and the creative brain behind the photoshoot.

Staying true to the theme, the team kept to a colour palette of white, off-white and taupe with hints of brass and soft gold to introduce a luxe feel the styling.

The ceremony was clean and minimalistic, allowing the canopy arch and individual patterns to hero the setting. Features such as the white carpet runner, classic white wooden bench seating, sheep skin rugs, hurricane lanterns and fresh florals created the ultimate balance between intimacy and luxury.

Connecting seamlessly with the ceremony, the bar used the same white wood as the ceremony arches. Modern metal bar leaners with matching bar stools, more fresh florals, and candles kept the bar simple and elegant while still tied to the core theme.

But the true highlight of this photoshoot has got to be the lounge setting.

‘We wanted to create the ultimate sense of tranquility and relaxation for guests to enjoy and instantly become at ease in luxury,’ say Kylie.

‘Starting with modern off-white couches, we textured and relaxed the area with boho styled cushions ranging from macramé, goat skin and tasseled fringe styles.

‘Round brass side tables, brass hurricane lanterns and white candles added the luxe feel, while a round wooden coffee table and side tables provided relaxed elements and looked perfect with the boho style florals.’

This styled shoot is everything a boho theme should be – relaxed, unrestricted, unconventional and slightly exotic. Teamed with hints of luxury and a little sophistication, it’s the ultimate romantic, contemporary wedding setting, don’t you agree?HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_01HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_04 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_19 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_06 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_07 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_08 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_09 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_10 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_11 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_12 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_13 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_14 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_15 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_16 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_17 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_18HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_21 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_22 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_23 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_24 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_25 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_26 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_27 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_28 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_29 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_30 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_31 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_32 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_33 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_34 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_35 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_36 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_37HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_40 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_41 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_42 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_43 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_44 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_45 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_38 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_46 HOORAY_AmandaThomas_Auckland_47


Photography: Amanda Thomas | Event Styling: Liberty Event Styling | Floral Styling: Blush | Hire Items: The Pretty Prop Shop, Rollercoaster + Insphire | Cake: Bondie | Stationery: Georgina Jolly + Laser Foil | Wedding Gown: Rue de Seine | Accessories + Engagement Ring: Zoe & Morgan | Hair + Makeup: All Made Up