Planning a wedding? Sit down and listen up folks, because we’re about to drop a whole lotta’ wedding truth bombs up in here.

It’s no secret there’s a lot of fluff in the wedding industry. Every now and then someone needs to separate fact from fiction… so we called upon Owl and Bear, one of our fave event hire crews in Western Australia, to share five spicy pieces of truth to consider when planning your wedding.

This creative duo has been in the biz for a number of years – and, having recently planned their own wedding (check it out here!), they know a whole lot more about the industry than your average confetti blast.

Okay, let’s wait no more; take it away Owl and Bear! 🦉+ 🐻01_Truth-bomb

“I’m speaking for my business here and my business only… My product prices are clearly on display for e’rry Tom, Dick + Harry to see. 👨🏻

What ya see is what ya get. I’m not hiding anything and my prices certainly do not increase for a wedding. I’m in the wedding industry… derrr!

I’m sure the same goes for 90% of wedding-related business although some services within the wedding industry may have a certain skill set (not a product)👩🏼‍🔧that is specific for weddings which explains the “increase in prices.” Valid reason if ya ask me!

Think about it from a different point of view. Yes, it’s “just one day” BUT for the businesses, it’s sometimes over a year of planning, meetings, staff, rent, training, sourcing, labour, research etc, etc.

Something to ponder.  🤔Just because you say the ‘W’ word does not mean the price goes up.💸”

🦉+ 🐻

“Be realistic. We have all done it I admit – Pinterest is my frenemy. 😈😇

I want ALL the flowers, the most glorious dress and the most extravagant ceremony you ever did see. TAKE MY MONEY!! 💸💸

BUUUT that’s just it… I don’t have the cash monies to fund this.💰Damn you Pinterest!

So dial it down a notch… be realistic and get that 1000000x roses arbour with a tonne of foliage out of your head coz that ain’t what it’s gonna look like for a budget of 500 bux.

Sure search for inspiration but that’s just it… it’s inspo – not YOUR wedding.

Ever tried re-creating that insta-worthy recipe from Pinterest and it looks nothing like the Pin? 😭 This is the same thing!

Have realistic expectations.. then you won’t be disappointed.”

🦉+ 🐻03_Truth-bomb

“Do it right and do it well. 💁🏻

Stalk your vendors, make sure they are a legit business and check out their socials. Look at the quality of their work, read their reviews and suss out their vibe. If your gut is saying it’s too good to be true – it probably is. 😭

You cannot cut corners with your wedding. There are some vendors out there that will charge less than half the price for a product or service and provide a below average product or service in which you will be disappointed with. 😑

It’s the old adage you get what you pay for! We charge what we charge for a very good reason… Quality control of our products is super high, we care about you and we care that you get the best quality products that we can offer. 🤜🏼🤛🏼 I can’t say the same for the copycats out there. 😳”

🦉+ 🐻04_Truth-bomb

“DIY is SO not cheaper!! 🙅Think about it for a second… YOU 🙋🏻have to source all the products, YOU 🙋🏻have to find a way to set it all up AND pack it up, YOU 🙋🏻have to find somewhere to store said products before and after your wedding, how are YOU 🙋🏻 going to transport said items including furniture in your hatchback… exactly how are YOU 🙋🏻 going to do all of this and get ready on the day and enjoy the moment stress free?!

Factor in your time! ⏰Time costs money people!! Cost it out like you would be paying a wedding planner, “pay yourself an hourly rate of $30.00” and see how it compares to an actual wedding planner! 😱 Family help still counts as staff – Charge them out at $30 too! 💸💸💸

Do the sums and research before doing DIY… you might be surprised! 😉”

🦉+ 🐻05_Truth-bomb

“Yeah, you heard right. Be selfish. 💁🏻Listen to what people have to say about your wedding but ultimately it’s just that… YOUR wedding. Don’t be afraid to ditch Nanna’s  👵🏻ideas of the perfect wedding in favour of what you and your H2B or P2B (partner to be) want. It’s your day. Get the damn donut wall, don’t do the bouquet toss or wear a coloured dress. Be selfish and be confident. You only get one shot.(do not miss your chance to blow..)  😉”

🦉+ 🐻

And… need a little Wedding Lingo help?

Never fear, Owl & Bear are here to help us decode the difference between all those wedding superstars…