They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but here at HOORAY!, we think some are worth even more.

These are the images that magnetise us, drawing us in as emotions manifest and seem to seep from the frame. Difficult to capture and impossible to forget, these shots are the work of the best photographers; emotive artists who double as storytellers, their cameras translating a lifetime of love into a single shot.

For moving movements you’ll never forget, we’ve put together our pick of photographers who have mastered the art of raw emotions.

Jimmy RaperRaw-Emotion-Photography_1_Jimmy-Raper

Benj HaischRaw-Emotion-Photography_18_Benj-Haisch

Daniela TanziRaw-Emotion-Photography_3 Daniela Tanzi 2

Kelly TunneyRaw-Emotion-Photography_18_Kelly-Tunney

Rosey Red PhotographyRaw-Emotion-Photography_4 Rosey Red Photography

Anni Graham Raw-Emotion-Photography_9 Anni Graham

Callaway Gable Raw-Emotion-Photography_5_Callaway Gable

Will KhouryRaw-Emotion-Photography_6 Will Khoury Photography

Banga StudiosRaw-Emotion-Photography_7 Banga Studios Photography

Johanna RosenlewRaw-Emotion-Photography_10 Johanna-Rosenlew-_-Johanna-Rosenlew-Photography

Sasa AdamovicRaw-Emotion-Photography_11_Sasa Adamovic

It’s Beautiful HereRaw-Emotion-Photography_12 IBH_Hooray_JustMarried_01

Darin CollisonRaw-Emotion-Photography_13_Darin Collison

Duke MooseRaw-Emotion-Photography_14_Duke-Moose

Danelle BohaneRaw-Emotion-Photography_15_Danelle Bohane

Ben SowryRaw-Emotion-Photography_8 Ben Sowry

Justin AaronRaw-Emotion-Photography_16_justin-aaron

Jordan VothRaw-Emotion-Photography_17_Jordan Voth

Phillipa EnidRaw-Emotion-Photography_20_Phillipa Enid

Lauren LouiseRaw-Emotion-Photography_19 Lauren Louise Photography