In an outdoor oasis, under a simple white arbor and surrounded by 100 of their closest family and friends (and pooch, of course) Renae and Liam tied the knot.

We’re lusting over all the images of their big day, captured oh-so-beautifully by one of our absolute favourite photographers, Aleksandar Jason.

The couple met at a mutual friend’s house party in 2012. While Renae wasn’t interested at first, it only took a little persistence from Liam and a riverside picnic to change her mind in just a couple of days!

The pair love the outdoors, travelling and going on new adventures together. In 2016, they got engaged in beautiful Lake Como and this year they’ve planned an extended honeymoon in the USA.

Renae and Liam’s wedding was simple, uncomplicated and totally romantic, using their love of the outdoors as inspiration for their special day.

‘As soon as we saw the location, we knew it was perfect,’ says Renae.

‘A secluded little garden, covered with lots of trees and greenery, made it our own happy place with all our family and friends.’

Renae described the wedding theme as “simplified rustic,” which she achieved with a colour palette of white and green, and natural textures like wood and fresh foliage.

Every decoration from the chairs to the aisle runner and even the signing table followed the understated style. The flowers were also a stand out element of the day with a mix of white Roses, Chrysanthemums, Disbuds, Blue Gum, Baby’s Breath and Peppercorns.

Along with the styling, the couple say that the bridal party entrance was one to remember.

‘All the guests were standing up and around the dance floor to greet us as we came in,’ says Renae.

‘Each couple had an entrance to Crazy in Love by Beyoncè, but when we came in at the end, we went straight into our first dance to Ho Hey by the Lumineers. It was great to have everyone up and watching so close to us.

‘After our dance we went straight into our bride and groom speech – it was so special to have all our family and friends right there for this moment instead of seated at the tables.’

Renae and Liam’s wedding was the perfect reflection of their down-to-earth relationship. We hope you enjoy perusing the loved-up shots below as much as we did!HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_01 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_03 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_04 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_05 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_06 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_07 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_08 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_12 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_13 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_14 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_15 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_16 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_18 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_19 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_21 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_22 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_26 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_27 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_28 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_29 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_31 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_32 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_33 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_36 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_37 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_38 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_40 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_41 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_42 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_43 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_44 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_45 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_46 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_47 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_48 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_49 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_50 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_51 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_52 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_53 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_54 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_55 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_56 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_57 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_58 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_59 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_60 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_61 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_62 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_64 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_65 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_67 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_68 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_70 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_71 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_72 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_73 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_74 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_75 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_76 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_78 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_79 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_80 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_81 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_82 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_83 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_84 HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_85


Photographer: Aleksandar Jason Weddings | Videographer: Dual Pixel Creative | Event Planning, Styling + Decorations: The Boatshed Restaurant | Floral Styling: A Bloom in Time | Photobooth: The Love Box | Hire Items: XQisit Weddings & Events | Hire Cars: Very Nice Classics | Event Venue, Catering + Drinks: The Boatshed Restaurant | Stationery: Starfish Lane | DJ: Forrest King DJ | Ceremony Music: Zoe Tsagalis Music | Wedding Gown: Zavana Bridal from Oxford Bridal Perth | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Prem the Label | Shoes: Billini | Suits: Politix | Engagement Ring: Prouds The Jewellers | Wedding Bands: Mazzucchelli | Hair: Hair Addicts Perth | Makeup: Sam H Enticknap Makeup Artist | Celebrant: Kevin Clune Celebrant