If we were getting married and could only walk away with one image from the whole day, it’d be that ‘just married’ moment.

It’s a moment that defines a wedding; that perfect mix of emotion and elation that you want to remember for years to come. Right after vows are exchanged and rings are slipped on fingers, where you turn to face a crowd erupting with cheers and wiping tears from eyes.

When it comes to capturing that elusive second, you’ll want a photographer with an inconspicuous lens, someone who melts into the background, instinctively capturing the magic without you even noticing they’re there.

Need some inspiration for your ‘just married’ shot? See our full edit of photographs encapsulating that ‘just married’ moment below…

The TwinsJust-Married-Photography-Edit_The Twins Weddings 3

Maria Shiriaeva

Aleksandar JasonJust-Married-Photography-Edit_aleksandar JasonFree the BirdJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Free The Bird

Kelly TunneyJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Kelly Tunney

Alessandro AvenaliJust-Married-Photography-Edit_alessandro avenali

Guiseppe MaranoJust-Married-Photography-Edit_guiseppe-marano

Emma HamptonJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Emma Hampton

Danelle BohaneJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Danelle Bohane

Ivy RoadJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Ivy Road 1

Charlotte SowmanJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Charlotte Sowman

Beck RocchiJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Beck-Rocchi

Heart and ColourJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Heart-and-Colour---VendorIt’s Beautiful HereJust-Married-Photography-Edit_It's Beautiful Here

Angus PorterJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Angus Porter

Lost In LoveJust-Married-Photography-Edit_lost in love

Lucas & CoJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Lucas and Co

Tennille FinkJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Tenille Fink - Vendor

Keepsakephoto by The Keeffes
Just-Married-Photography-Edit_Keepsake Photo - Vendor

Wedding Gallery StudioJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Wedding Gallery Studio - Vendor

Philippa EnidJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Philippa Enid

Sarah MooreJust-Married-Photography-Edit_Sarah Moore