What’s brighter or bolder than a Caribbean-inspired Havana nights themed party? Flamboyant and fruity decorations will set the tone for an evening filled with mojitos and salsa dancing.

Jazz up the party with super sweet pineapple cups and pull together a colour palette filled with rainbows. From the fun maracas to the tropical leaf paper plates, we have your decorations covered for a warm and balmy night in Havana.

Take a look at some of our favourite party pieces for some major Havana nights party inspo!Throw-a-Havana-Nights-Party1. Leaf Paper Plate, Meri Meri available at Design My Party | 2. Pineapple Cup,  Sunnylife | 3. Fruity Party Time Garland, The Party Parlour | 4. Fruity Invitations, Ruby Rabbit | 5. Banana Candles, Sunnylife available at Island Living Australia | 6. Rainbow Maracas, Sunnylife  | 7. Watermelon Sipper Cup, Sunnylife | 8.  Banana Palm Cocktail Umbrellas, Sunnylife available at Ruby Rabbit | 9.  Rainbow Umbrella, Sunnylife | Cherry Lollypop Party Favours, Oh Happy Day