According to Ashley, kids party planner extraordinaire and owner of Alice & Eddy Party, when you have kids you should celebrate EVERYTHING. This particular cerebration was a holiday break party – a time to bring kids together for some structured fun and imaginary play during their 2-weeks of school holidays.

Ashley says that the inspiration behind the gathering was bringing outdoor adventure inside.

‘I used my own childhood memories of camping and exploring to make the mood board,’ explains Ashley.

For the décor, she let her imagination run wild thinking about elements like trees, foliage and stars that lend to a nostalgic camping experience.

Staying true to the theme, Ashley used neutral and earthy tones for the colour palette, adding in some pops of bright colour and shine for some childish flair.

‘The teepee and tableware were black, white and silver, which I knew would play well on top of the pallets, which I spray painted with a light coat of gold,’ says Ashley.

‘The crescent moon is gold, anchored down with metallic blue tinsel and the airplane is white with pops of red.

‘The airplane was also the big WOW factor of the party. We had aviator glasses and the kids were able to have an interactive experience with it, playing airplane pilot all afternoon!’ says Ashley.

Even the menu followed the “outdoors” theme, with camp-style finger food. There were sandwiches for lunch and pretzels, cinnamon doughnuts and hand-held s’mores waffle cones stuffed with marshmallows, chocolate and strawberries for snacks.

As for Ashley’s favourite moment of the day?

‘The kids gathered around to eat together. Being able to pick which foods they wanted on their own and really just enjoying the experience of eating on the ground in this unexpected way was so fulfilling for me,’ says Ashley.

‘This party really was a passion project as my son has wanted something like this for a long time. Styling events professionally has been an amazing career and while my parties are never large, they are well thought out and cared for.

‘I think that’s what makes a party, especially a child’s party, over the top. I hope you think so too!’HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_01 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_02 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_03 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_04 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_05 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_06 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_07 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_08 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_09 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_10 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_11 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_12 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_13 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_14 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_15 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_16 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_17 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_18 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_19 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_20 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_21 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_22 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_23 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_24 HOORAY_IridescentPhotography_Houston_25


Photography: Iridescent Photography | Event Planning, Styling + Decorations: Alice & Eddie Party | Event Venue: Fill in the Blank Studio | Catering + Drinks: Homemade


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