To celebrate her entrance into the Club 30, Krystal hosted an intimate dinner for her nearest and dearest.

As the sun set on an early Spring evening, guests were treated to poolside cocktails, local wines and canapés, followed by a delicious two-course meal, featuring a delectable seasonal menu that showcased local Barossa Valley produce.

The theme for the evening soiree was ‘deep romantic glamour’, using a rich colour palette, elegant florals en masse and styling pieces including brushed gold and glass. But it was stand out elements like balloon clusters and garlands, custom laser signage and ambient bulb lighting that pulled the overall look together.

Krystal’s favourite cocktails inspired parts of the drink menu, with guests treated to their choice of Gin and Tonic, Grapefruit Cosmopolitan, Vodka, Lime and Soda and an array or beers and wines, with plenty of local drops to choose from. While Paringa Farm lamb, handmade roasted butternut pumpkin ravioli, poached pear torte and Belgian chocolate tart starred on the spectacular dinner menu.

Krystal’s advice for others wanting to through an elegant dinner party?

‘Outsource the elements of your celebration, that way you will be present at the event and enjoy it so much more,’ says Krystal.

‘Keep your numbers small so that you can really spoil your guests’

Feast your eyes Krystal’s cozy gathering below.HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_01 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_02 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_03 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_04 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_05 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_06 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_07 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_08 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_09 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_10 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_11 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_12 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_13 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_14 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_15 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_16 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_17 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_18 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_19 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_20 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_21 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_22 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_23 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_24 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_25 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_26 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_27 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_28 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_29 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_30 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_31 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_32 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_33 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_34 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_35 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_36 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_37 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_38HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_39 HOORAY_ZoeCampbell_BarossaValley_40


Photography: Zoe Campbell Photography & Design | Event Styling + Decorations: Barossa Styling + Events | Floral Styling: VIVA the Flower Store | Hire Items: Barossa Styling + Events + White Marquee | Event Venue: Private Residence | Catering + Drinks: Handmade Catering | Stationery: Friend | Entertainment: Adam Moffatt | Cake: Crumbs Home Baked Cakes | Macarons: Cake by Jenna Marie | Truffles: Haigh’s Chocolates | Hair & Makeup: Sarah Cracker Weddings

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