From bride tribes to #squadgoals, there’s something undeniably iconic about girls on film. Think best friends and new family, girl gangs that bring the good vibes like only girls can.

While weddings are all about the couple of the day, we can’t deny that some of our most iconic frames are of brides and their maids. Think pre-wedding primping to editorial inspired shoots, group shots that immortalise the kind of friends that dreams are made of…

Need some inspo for your bridesmaid shoot? We’ve rounded up the best of the best, featuring photographers that know how to capture your girl gang and get the party started!

Jason CorrotoBridesAndMaids_JasonCorroto

Katie HarmsworthBridesAndMaids_KatieHarmsworth

Heart and Colour
Heart-and-Colour Angus Porter PhotographyAngus-Porter Aleksandar JasonAleksandar-Jason

Sasa AdamovicBridesAndMaids_SasaAdamovic

Keeper CreativeBridesAndMaids_KeeperCreative

Tennille FinkBridesAndMaids_TennilleFink

It’s Beautiful HereBridesAndMaids_ItsBeautifulHere

Kelly TunneyBridesAndMaids_KellyTunney

Sarah MooreBridesAndMaids_SarahMoore

Giuseppe MaranoBridesAndMaids_GuiseppeMarano

Carly BrownBridesAndMaids_CarlyBrown

Beck RocchiBridesAndMaids_BeckRocchi

Image Hausbridesandmaids_imagehaus

Lucas & CoBridesAndMaids_LucasandCo2

Emma HamptonBridesAndMaids_EmmaHampton

Joey WillisBridesAndMaids_JoeyWillis

Lelia ScarfiottiBridesAndMaids_LeliaScarfiotti - Copy

Danelle BohaneBridesAndMaids_DanelleBohane

I Got You BabeBridesAndMaids_IGotYouBabe

Sarah FalugoBridesAndMaids_SarahFalugo