Charlotte (aka Charlie) and Mike are both kind of tall…over 6 feet tall, to be more exact. They met on a Friday night out at Section 8, a container bar that’s just about as Melbourne as it gets. Out of the smoky haze of the crowd, Mike says he spotted a tall, blonde hottie.

‘It was like two giraffes making eye contact at the watering hole in the Serengeti,’ explains Mike.

‘We hit it off and staggered into the night, and the rest is history.’

Charlie and Mike’s wedding was one big party – a super chilled and totally unconventional celebration of the couple and their friends.

‘We are party people and so are our friends. The rest flowed from there,’ says Mike.

The couple decided to host their wedding at Young Bloods Diner, a local venue that’s part of the Rose Street Markets, tucked away in the back streets of Fitzroy and covered with graffiti. They had pre-drinks in the rooftop bar and then boogied down to the market for the ceremony. The reception that followed was a night of good booze, good banter and good fun!

While there was no specific colour palette, the entire soiree was kept vibrant and bright. Plus, Charlie’s last minute dress purchase made pink quite a focal point on the day.

‘The venue has so much character, we didn’t want to spoil it with additional tack,’ explains Charlie.

‘We just kept it simple with beautiful flower arrangements by Flowers Vasette’.

On the menu was delicious, “unpretentious” food to help guests soak up the champagne. This included barbeque canapes, fish tacos, brisket sliders and Bloody Mary shooters.

Charlie and Mike say that their favourite part of the day was their ceremony.

‘It was so much fun and perfectly tailored to our cheeky nature and sense of humour.

‘When [our celebrant] announced us as husband and wife it was a moment of pure joy and euphoria…confetti cannons and cheering…one of the happiest moments of our lives!’

We think these are some of the most fun wedding pics we’ve ever laid eyes on. Take a look for yourself below!HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_01 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_02 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_03 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_04 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_05 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_06 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_07 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_08 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_09 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_10 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_11 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_12 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_13 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_14 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_15 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_16 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_17 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_18 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_19 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_20 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_21 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_22 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_23 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_24 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_25 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_26 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_27 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_28 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_29 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_30 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_31 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_32 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_33 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_34 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_35 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_36 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_37 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_38 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_39 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_40 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_41 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_42 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_43 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_44 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_45 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_46 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_47 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_48 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_49 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_50 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_51 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_52 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_53 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_54 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_55 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_56 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_57 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_58 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_59 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_60 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_61 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_62 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_63 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_64 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_65 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_66 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_67 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_68 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_69 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_70 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_71 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_72 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_73 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_74 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_75 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_76 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_77 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_78 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_79 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_80 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_81 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_82 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_83 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_84 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_85 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_86 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_87 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_88 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_89 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_90 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_91 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_92 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_93 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_94 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_95 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_96 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_97 HOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_98


Photography: Eric Ronald | Floral Styling: Flowers Vasette | Venue: Rose Street Market/Young Bloods Diner | Catering + Drinks: Bluebonnet BBQ | Cake: Friend | Entertainment: Stuart Waters | Wedding Gown: Alex Perry | Accessories: Ryan Storer + Merci Perci | Shoes: Life with Bird | Suit: Oscar Hunt | Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: Charles Rose | Celebrant: Precious Celebrations | Hair + Makeup: Renee Camilleri | Transport: Uber


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