When the party peeps behind Poppies for Grace told us they were throwing a party to launch their new store, we knew we’d be in for a treat …and they didn’t disappoint!

Alana and Sara met in high school and have been friends and dreamers ever since. They started Poppies For Grace as a stationery business 14 years ago, before expanding into an online store …and now, a physical party shop!

To celebrate the launch of their new store, they invited 17 of their closest female supporters to join them for an intimate breakfast.

Alana tells us, ‘instead of a traditional media launch, we wanted to create an intimate space to celebrate the women who have supported, encouraged and inspired us along our 14-year journey. Probably one of our favourite moments was watching them walk into the room, it felt like a fairytale!’

While we’re SO sad we couldn’t make it down to Melbourne to join the party, we’re so excited to share all the snaps from this oh-so-fun breakfast with you now!

Take a peek at all the pics below.

Here are Alana and Sara, just before launch! HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch01
Sweet treats!

Alisha of Sweet Bakes brought a super-cute colourful cake for party-goers to enjoy. Some of our fave dessert artists – Cherry Cakes, Bride and StorkMillstone Patisserie and Bakes by Jean – also brought cake creations to fuel the festivities! HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch04HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch48

…and, IT’s open!

Chyka Keebaugh, founder of The Big Group, officially opened the store by cutting the ribbon. HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch06 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch07


Alana says, ‘we wanted the room to feel like you were sitting inside of an artwork. The painted table tops were very intentional, we wanted to surround creativity, to eat off it and for our conversations to bounce off the paint and the crumbs. It was a quietly spoken thank you to our guests for their imaginations and work of their hands.’HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch22HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch21HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch13HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch11HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch18HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch51 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch14

Pop the Confetti Balloons!

The Poppies for Grace team wrote conversation starter questions on paper and put them inside confetti balloons. Guests were given pins to pop the balloons to get the questions and be showered with gold confetti.

Sara says, ‘the confetti balloons floated high above our heads, so that you had to pull them down from amongst the ceiling installation, this encouraged guests to look up and also give in to the whimsy in the room.’HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch24 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch27

The party goers

Sara says, ‘The theme was creativity and gratitude. As we were hosting so many women with big stories and big lives, we wanted a way to share our stories of triumph and fall.’

‘Each guest was given the opportunity to answer one of five questions. Some of the questions were light and funny, and others were an opportunity for vulnerability. Since that day I’ve been lucky enough to hear stories from some of these women of how they left the room inspired and dreaming!’

‘This event would have had a very different feel if it was larger. Intimate gatherings are the perfect opportunity to gather your guests’ imaginations and stories, and relish in their company.’

Eat Cake for Breakfast!

What’s a party shop to serve for breakfast? Such an occasion calls for cake, of course!

In true Poppies for Grace style, guests enjoyed sponge cake, mini lemon tarts and mini fruit tarts, vanilla cake, French toast cake, dark chocolate cake with blackberry elderflower buttercream and raspberry buttercream.

Alana says, ‘Cake for Breakfast was the theme, and oh boy did we delight in it!’
HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch52 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch49  HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch50 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch41

Check out THE SHOP – Isn’t it so fun?!

Streamers hanging high above, balloons and confetti all around… does it get much better?
We LOVE the colourful walls in the bathroom, jam-packed with inspiring quotes!
HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch28  HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch32 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch33  HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch36HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch34 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch39HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch38 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch40HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch43

What does ‘Gathering’ mean to Poppies for Grace?

Alana says, ‘Gathering might be one of my favorite words. It says, you belong here, lets capture a moment and give ourselves fully to the JOY.’
HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch57 HOORAY_Poppies-For-Grace-Launch58


Photography: Bec Matherson | Event Styling: Poppies For Grace | Decorations: Poppies For Grace, Robert Gordon, Kip and Co | Floral Styling: Poppies For Grace, Homli | Hire Items: Dann Event Hire | Venue: Poppies For Grace | Catering: Double Park, Rob Dolan | Cakes: Millstone Patisserie, Bakes By Jean, Cherry Cakes, Sweet Bakes, Bride and Stork | Cake Topper: Poppies For Grace