Wedding and event vendors spend so much time creating beautiful occasions for their clients, they rarely ever get to enjoy their own gatherings. With this in mind, the team from event design and planning company, Dancing & Dessert, created a pop-up picnic especially for vendors to come together and chat weddings, life and love.

‘We wanted to create an event that was fun and summery, but also felt modern, fresh and new,’ says Dancing & Dessert Founder and Lead Designer, Cate O’Connor.

‘We went for a tropical theme with an iridescent twist, using key colours of pale pink, greenery and a pale natural brown.’

While technically a picnic, there wasn’t a blanket in sight. Instead, guests were seated at a low picnic table on wicker pouffes and blush pink cushions. The table was decorated with an array of picnic-style fare, including freshly baked bread, cold meats, dips and cookies, as well as tropical floral arrangements with spray-painted palm and monstera leaves styled by Flowers by Brett Matthew John

Each place setting also contained a painted leaf, metallic plastic cutlery, and pink-hued personalised cups, to tie the theme together.

Oversized lawn games were strewn across the grass for added fun, while a ‘pimp your Prosecco’ bar cart encouraged guests to create their own bubbly cocktail.

Cate says that if you’re up for planning a similar soiree don’t forget: ants are a part of your picnicking experience, sunscreen and sunglasses are essential and be sure to relax and have fun!

‘My favourite part of the day was having everyone gathered around the table and watching friendships bloom,’ says Cate.

Sounds just like our perfect type of picnic! Check it out below.HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_01 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_02 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_03 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_04 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_05 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_06 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_07 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_11 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_12 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_13 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_14 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_15 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_16 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_17 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_18 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_19 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_20 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_21 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_22 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_23 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_24 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_25 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_26 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_27 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_28 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_29 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_30 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_31 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_32 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_33 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_34 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_35 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_36 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_38 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_39 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_41 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_42 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_44 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_45 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_46 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_47 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_48 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_49 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_50 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_51 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_52 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_53 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_54 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_55 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_56 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_57 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_58 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_59 HOORAY_NeiyoPhotography_Melbourne_60


Photography: Neiyo Photography | Event Planning, Styling + Decorations: Dancing & Dessert | Floral Styling: Flowers by Brett Matthew John | Hire Items: My Event Décor | Event Venue: The Oak Lawn, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne | Catering + Drinks: Honour with Fete, Sweet Mickie + LaManna Supermarket | Stationery: Studio Silva | Lawn Games: Branch Events


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