While we know our fashion bloggers like the back of our hands, there’s a new set of influencers that are setting our social feeds alight.

Forget Harper and Harley and Yan Yan Chan, this clique set of insta-famous faces are showing us the other side of the lens.

From sweeping vistas to jaw-dropping installations, these are the wedding photographers of the moment. Snapping away from all corners of the globe, these photogs are shooting the most aweinpiring weddings, capturing the newest trends and setting the tone for the photography of the future.

Influential, inspirational and endlessly covetable, get inspired with our hit list of the top photographers to follow.

Eric RonaldPhotographers-to-Follow_Eric Ronald

Kelly TunneyPhotographers-to-Follow_Kelly Tunney

Aleksandar JasonPhotographers-to-Follow_Aleksandar Jason

Lara HotzPhotographers-to-Follow_Lara Hotz

Alli Oughtred
Photographers-to-Follow_Alli Oughtred

Cinzia Bruschinibride and groom portrait in the Italian Dolomites

Danelle BohanePhotographers-to-Follow_Danelle Bohane

Jimmy RaperPhotographers-to-Follow_Jimmy Raper

It’s Beautiful HerePhotographers-to-Follow_It's Beautiful Here

James FrostPhotographers-to-Follow_James Frost

Lucking PhotographyLucking Photography

Jason CorrotoPhotographers-to-Follow_Jason Corroto

Jose VillaPhotographers-to-Follow_Jose Villa

Katie HarmsworthHOORAY_KatieHamsworth_Willow&StoneEstate_26

Janneke StormPhotographers-to-Follow_Janneke Storm

Lilly RedPhotographers-to-Follow_Lilly Red

Lucas and CoPhotographers-to-Follow_Lucas and Co

Mitch PohlPhotographers-to-Follow_Mitch Pohl

MK SadlerPhotographers-to-Follow_MK Sadler

Tali PhotographyPhotographers-to-Follow_Tali Photography

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