Simon and Emma describe themselves as global nomads, having spent most of the last decade living in Europe and Asia. They met in London in 2005 after Emma moved into the share-house Simon was living in. In 2017, they returned home to celebrate a magical wedding with all their friends and family.

Having grown up in Byron Bay in the 80s, Emma was well-aware of Byron’s chilled-out, ‘hippy’ vibe. She used this to inspire the laid-back, rustic and natural feel of her wedding.

‘Our wedding was planned to be very relaxed, set on a farm with rustic beach-town feel,’ says Emma.

‘We wanted the reception to feel like a huge, Tuscan-style outdoor lunch, even though we were serving dinner in Byron Bay!’

The Farm at Byron Bay was the foundation of Emma and Simon’s wedding styling, with all elements keeping in character with its rustic decor.

‘When I was growing up, [The Farm] was a working flower farm. We used to drive past it every week on the way into town,’ says Emma.

‘It has meant a lot to me to see how thoughtfully the new owners have taken the land and transformed this farm into a fabulous asset for Byron. I also really wanted our guests to see how beautiful the countryside is, not just the beach.’

The couple stuck with muted tones for tableware along with lots of candles, cascading greenery and hanging lights to enhance the outdoor setting of their reception. The ceremony was also filled with white orchids, huge half-open white roses, King Protea and big tropical palm leaves.

Three Blue Ducks created another of their famous wedding feasts for Emma and Simon, serving a spread of oysters, kingfish, prawns, charcuterie, dips, cheese, grilled snapper, roast pork loin, an abundance of sides and a grazing dessert table to end all grazing dessert tables.

Check out Emma and Simon’s beautifully laid-back wedding pics by HOORAY! favourites, Heart and Colour below.HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_01 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_02 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_03 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_04 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_05 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_06 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_07
HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_10 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_11 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_12 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_13 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_14 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_15 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_16 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_17 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_18 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_19 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_20 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_21 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_22 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_24 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_25 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_26 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_27 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_30 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_31 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_32 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_33 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_34 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_35 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_36 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_37 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_38 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_39 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_40 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_41HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_44 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_45 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_46 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_47 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_48 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_49 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_50 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_51 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_53 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_56 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_58 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_59 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_60 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_62 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_66 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_67 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_68 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_69 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_70HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_74 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_75 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_76 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_77 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_79 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_80 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_82 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_83 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_84 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_85 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_86 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_87 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_88 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_89 HOORAY_HeartandColour_ByronBay_90


Photography: Heart and Colour | Event Planning: Stephanie Brodeur | Event Styling + Decorations: Frank & Joy | Floral Styling: The French Petal | Venue, Catering + Drinks: Three Blue Ducks | Cake: Raw & Peace | Stationery: Paperless Post | Entertainment: Kieran Harte + North Coast Entertainment | Wedding Gown: Rue Du Seine | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Lover, Dion Lee + Ulla Johnson | Shoes: Sergio Rossi | Suits: Paul Smith | Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: Michael Wilson Diamonds | Celebrant: Skai Daly | Hair + Makeup: Alex Outsen | Transport: Magic Bus Byron Bay | Ceremony Venue: The Farm, Byron Bay

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