Listen up sugar-loving guys and gals, because today we’re sharing a sneak peek into a seriously exciting pop up inspired by all things sweet.

Sugar Republic is Melbourne’s newest and sweetest interactive museum dedicated to sweets, lollies and ice cream. Yep, it’s basically all of our candy-loving dreams being realised in a real life whimsical wonderland.

Ever wanted to dive into a giant grown up ball pit, or climb inside a life-size gum ball machine? Sugar Republic invites you to do all those things and more.

Taking inspiration from US-based interactive experiences, The Color Factory and Museum of Ice Cream, Allison Jones – founder of Lark Store and Melt Bake and Party – sought to create an interactive space, but with a uniquely Australian flavour through collaborations with local creatives.

To celebrate the impending launch of this oh-so-sweet set up, Allison hosted a party for dessert queen, Caroline Khoo of Nectar and Stone and her girl tribe, to thank Caz for her inspiration and support through the development stage of Sugar Republic.

Caz and her ten guests were treated to a sneak preview of Sugar Republic’s 14 rooms, followed by an informal feast.

Allison says, ‘highlights of their time in the museum included playing in a grown-up ball pit with 100,000 pink balls, jumping out of a giant birthday cake, climbing inside a life-size gumball machine, making soft serve ice cream with ALL the toppings, swinging in a room made of fairy floss and taking selfies with the wonder-filled art installations including a giant neon wall by Electric Confetti, a real-life lolly shoppe and a rainbow bridge made of sherbet.’

‘And did I mention the ‘press for confetti’ button?’

Allison adds, ‘when it was finally time to leave the ball pit, the guests retired to the serene White City room, a white-on-white installation that honours the Australian confectioner Macpherson Robertson. Yes – this event is located in a real chocolate factory!’

“MacRobertson created iconic treats like Freddo and Cherry Ripes; he painted his immense factory white and rode around in a carriage pulled by white ponies, hence the traditional name for this area of Fitzroy, ‘White City’.”

To contrast with the white space, Flowers Vasette created a rambling floral arrangement in soft pastels – including fairy floss and sprinkle-dipped leaves.

Caz and her guests enjoyed a bountiful grazing platter by platter pros, I Am Bored, while sipping Taltarni Cuvée Rosé and lightly sparkled rose water by Madame Dry, which is filtered through rose quartz crystals.

And what would a night in at Sugar Republic be without some sugar? To finish off the celebration, Caz treatest her gal pals to a surprise delivery of exquisite individual celebration cakes from Millstone Patisserie (a favourite of Caz’s!).

Each of Caz’s guests left on a sugar high with a Sunjellies retro basket bursting with goodies from Wizz Fizz, Grounded Pleasures, Sassafrass Sweet Co. and many more.

Take a peek at all the pics from this super sweet evening below!Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_01 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_04 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_05Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_02 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_07Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_10Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_09 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_08Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_12 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_13Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_15Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_14Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_23 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_19 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_22 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_25Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_28 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_27 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_26 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_29 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_30 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_32 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_33Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_35Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_36 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_34Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_44 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_42 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_47 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_49 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_52 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_58Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_61 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_65 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_64Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_71 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_72Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_80 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_79Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_82 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_83 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_84Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_85 Hooray-Mag-Sugar-Republic-Launch-melbourne-Nectar-and-Stone_89


Photography: Rachel Devine of Sesame Ellis | Venue: Sugar Republic | Location: 379 Smith St, Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC Australia | Guest list: 10 guests | Tableware: Melt Bake & Party | Floral styling: Flowers Vasette | Hire items: Dann Event Hire | Neon wall: Electric Confetti | Cakes: Millstone Patisserie | Grazing platter: I Am Board | Sparkling Rose Water: Madame Dry | Cuvée Rosé: Taltarni | Gift baskets: Sunjellies