Down a cobblestone laneway, behind some bright blue doors lies The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, the setting for Alice and Andrew’s cheeky DIY wedding .

As soon as the couple laid eyes on the space they knew it was where they wanted to be married. It was run down, cozy and had a massive disco ball – perfect.

Alice and Andrew agreed on a few crucial details that set the scene for their big day. They knew they wanted an evening wedding, local to where they lived, and that turned into one big party as soon as the ‘I-dos’ where exchanged.

‘We picked a few of our favourite things and based the night around them…Aperol Spritzes, Espresso Martinis, cheeseburgers, and dancing,’ says Alice.

To help keep costs down, Alice and Andrew DIY-ed most of their wedding and set one of their best friends with the task of managing the styling on the day.

‘It was a lifesaver. The hardest thing about DIY weddings is that you aren’t there on the day to coordinate it. Having [my friend] there with all of my notes made it easy for me to relax,’ says Alice.

Without working to a specific theme or colour palette, the couple used a custom-made, bright pink ‘Til Death sign as the key feature. This off-set the King Protea in Alice’s bouquet beautifully, along with the few festoon lights, market flowers and custom signs that also decorated the space.

‘The hot glue gun also got a good workout in the lead up to the wedding,’ adds Alice.

‘We DIY’ed a photo booth out of an old wooden structure at the venue. My mum helped me to make pink and gold garlands to decorate it and friends helped me to recreate a Polaroid photo board we had seen on Pinterest.

‘The idea was that you replace your name tag with a Polaroid. It looked awesome and we were so excited when we saw people queuing up to go in it later in the night.’

Alice and Andrew have some key advice for other brides and grooms looking to plan a similar rendezvous.

‘It’s possible to keep costs down! We had a clear image early on of what we wanted – a party, plain and simple. When things kept getting bigger we would go back to those main things that we lost sight of in the planning process,’ says Alice.

‘Also, research and pick a good photographer! We looked on Instagram at the photos tagged at the venue and fell in love with It’s Beautiful Here. She fit in seamlessly on the day and when we received our sample photos we were just blown away.’

See what all the fuss of Alice and Andrew’s wedding is about below.HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_01 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_03 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_04 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_05 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_06 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_07 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_08 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_09 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_10 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_11 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_12 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_13 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_14 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_15 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_16 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_17 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_18 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_19 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_20 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_21 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_22 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_23 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_24 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_25 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_26 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_27 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_28 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_29 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_30 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_31 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_32 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_33 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_34 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_35 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_36 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_37 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_38 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_39 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_40 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_41 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_42 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_43 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_44 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_45 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_46 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_47 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_48 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_49 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_50 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_51 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_52 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_53 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_54 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_55 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_56 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_57 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_58 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_59 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_60 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_61 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_62 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_63 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_64 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_65 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_66 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_67 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_68 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_69 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_70 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_71 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_72 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_73 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_74 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_75 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_76 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_77 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_78 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_79 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_80 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_81 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_82 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_83 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_84 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_85 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_86 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_87 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_89 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_90 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_92 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_93 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_94 HOORAY_ItsBeautifulHere_Melbourne_95


Photography: It’s Beautiful Here | Videography: C2 | Event Planning, Styling + Decorations: Bride + Groom DIY | Floral Styling: Flowers by Dolly + Bride DIY | Hire Items: Complete Function Hire | Venue: The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo | Catering + Drinks: Fred & Ginger | Cake: Cheese from South Melbourne Market | Cake Topper: Etsy + Bride’s Niece DIY | Neon Sign: Carla O’Brian | Wedding Gown: Grace Loves Lace | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu | Suits: Country Road | Engagement Ring + Wedding Bands: Cushla Whiting | Celebrant: Matt Finch | Hair: Jen Collier Hair Stylist | Makeup: Jean Louise Make Up | Entertainment: DJ Jess Fultone

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