It’s the morning of your wedding day. It’s stressful, chaotic and seems like a whirlwind.

Your maids are rushing to get ready, makeup is everywhere and the photographer will be here any minute. You, your bridal party nor the house is in any condition ready for the photographer.

Being organised and considering the scene is something experienced wedding photographers will absolutely love you for. From their perspective, capturing those meaningful moments of you and your bridal party getting ready adds to the magic, excitement and anticipation of your wedding day.

Today, we’re sharing tips from one of our fave photographers on nailing your getting ready photos. Not only is he talented behind the lens, but the sweet and thoughtful Aleksandar Jason has kindly provided us with some helpful tips that will not only help you, but also allow him to document your day at his full potential.

If you haven’t considered Aleksandar Jason as your wedding photographer, we highly recommend you do. Aleksandar combines his love for nature and his diverse creative style to capturing those meaningful moments between people that will have you reminiscing with fond memories years later.

Check out Aleksandar’s tips below.HOORAY_AleksandarJasonWeddings_Perth_01

Getting Ready Do’s

1. Organise music! This is always a must to set the vibe, so get that Beyonce or AQUA pumping.

2. Find a nice spot to hang your dress. I suggest near a window or if on location, allow me to suggest a few nice spots.

3. Notify me of any personal or traditional moments you would like me to capture.

4. If you would like to surprise Dad with the reveal of your dress, let me know beforehand and I can organise it for you.

5. If you have any past images of mum and dad etc, have them in the room.

6. Have a bridesmaid available to help your photographer or videographer, so there’s no need for you to stress and move things around. Allow us to communicate with someone else from within your bridal party.

Getting Ready Don’ts

1. Avoid setting up hair and MUA near the kitchen, if you allow time for me to arrive during the preparation and setting up of makeup and hair, then I’d best advise you not to have a kettle or a toaster in the background. Find somewhere with natural light, windows or even a clean white wall. Again I can not stress enough, a busy wall is a busy photo.

2. Don’t place your bridesmaids and flower girl’s dresses in the far corner or closet – hang them along a curtain rod, or find a cheap moveable coat hanger for the day. It may come in handy in the future. HOORAY_Aleksandar-Jason-Weddings_Melbourne_Wedding_Photographer39

Want Aleksandar to photograph your wedding?

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