When you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue, the myriad of options can be totally overwhelming.

Here at HOORAY!, we love seeing couples walk by the beat of their own drum, choosing a venue that is uniquely ‘them’. The rebel-hearted couples who have the courage to break all the rules in favour of individuality and fun.

After all, why limit yourself to a traditional venue, when there’s a stack of seriously fun options that might be more suited to your personal tastes?

Today, we’re sharing all the juicy details on a venue with no shortage of quirk.

Allow us to introduce QT Hotel in Canberra. This venue offers a range of bespoke experiences, catering to those who are ‘not-so-traditional’ in style.

Say Hello to QT Canberra

For the uninitiated, QT Hotel is a boutique designer hotel in the heart of Canberra CBD. Luxury in nature, yet jam-packed with character, this hotel boasts personality by the bucket load. Whether you seek an intimate wedding or an all-encompassing extravagant affair, QT Canberra has you covered.

The team at QT tell us, ‘With a range of stunning boutique spaces and exquisite menus to match, we specialise in designer weddings that are anything but conventional.’

‘Whether your dream wedding is a grand and opulent affair or leans more towards an intimate dining experience, our bespoke touches, personalised service and signature QT quirk will ensure your big day is elegant, enjoyable and something you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives.’HOORAY_QT-Canberra-Venue21

A Cocktail Style Wedding in the QT Lounge

This private venue space might just be Canberra’s best-kept secret.

Ultra-unique and oh-so-chic, a cocktail style wedding in the QT Lounge is sure to leave a lasting impression. Think: designer decor, a private bar, and a multitude of spaces for guests to lounge and mingle.

Oh, and the views. Did we mention the views? Perched on the 15th floor, QT Lounge boasts views unlike any other, with panoramic vistas across the city and idyllic lakeside.

The space can host up to 150 guests cocktail style, or 60 for a private dining experience.HOORAY_QT-Canberra37

Designer reception dinners

The secret to an epic reception? If you ask us, it’s all about the atmosphere and the food – both of which QT Canberra have nailed down to a fine art.

From artfully plated entrées and mains to desserts that will have your guests lusting over every bite, the QT wedding menu offers a number of delectable dishes for you to choose from.

The QT team say, ‘If you’re after an extraordinary reception with a lot of flavour, one that is instantly recognisable as your style and that won’t be forgotten anytime soon – QT is for you.’HOORAY_QT-Canberra-Venue01

Want to go big?

As they say, go big or go home, right?

This is one of the few venues in our city with the capacity to host a large occasion. In their luxe ballroom spaces, QT can host up to 550 guests with banquet-style seating arrangement, and up to 1000 guests with a cocktail-style setup.

Here at HOORAY!, we know it takes an experienced venue to effectively cater to guests at this scale.

The QT team tell us, ‘Exquisite catering options prepared by our culinary connoisseurs will keep your guests smiling throughout your event – and our expert team will be there to make sure everything runs smoothly.’

‘Your reception will be the first time you let your hair down and are able to relish the fact that you’re officially a married couple, so it should be a totally carefree and downright fun experience.’

They add, ‘let’s be honest, a good wedding reception is a party. And we love to party!’HOORAY_QT-Canberra-Venue09

Stay the night

Any venue that allows you to stay the night is a winner in our books.

Think about it: after throwing it down on the dancefloor at your reception, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is travelling to a distant accommodation option.

The QT team tell us, ‘The beauty of having a boutique QT wedding is that you and your guests can spend the night in luxury after the celebration has finished. There’s absolutely no need to organise cabs, trains or buses, just which suite best tickles your fancy!’

‘With a deliciously luxurious bed, designer décor, plush robes and a stocked mini bar to celebrate your first evening as a married couple… why wouldn’t you stay the night?’HOORAY_QT-Canberra-Venue17

Want to get hitched at QT?

We don’t blame you.

To contact the team at QT Canberra, email [email protected].

This article was created in partnership with QT Canberra.