There’s something special about partying by moonlight – where lights go out and stars switch on, scenes bathed in silvery beams as crowds get taken over by an inimitable sense of reckless abandon…

When it comes to your wedding, think beyond swapping vows and exchanging rings and set your sights on the night to come; an evening that unfolds in the kind of magic only seen under the cover of darkness.

Look for photographers who you love in every light, artists who can capture the mood in dimly lit rooms and star-filled skies, who can journey with you as you swap the formalities of the day with the debauchery of the night.

Inspired by moonlit skies and twinkling lights, these captures are low in light, but rich in romance…

See our full edit of photography after dark below.

Antijitters PhotoHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Antijitters Photo

James SimmonsJames Simmons Portrait and Wedding Photography

Eric FlobergHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Eric Floberg

Dan O’

Angus Porter by DKCHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit__Angus Porter by DKC

Image HausHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit__Image Haus

Lovers Narrative Hooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Aviana Arden - Vendor2

Sarah MooreHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Sarah Moore

Lelia ScarfiottiHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Lelia Scarfiotti

Erin & TaraHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit__ErinandTara

Kelly TunneyHOORAY-Kelly-Tunney-Photography_The-Magic-Hour_18

Hooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_With Lotte

Keepsakephoto by the KeeffesHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Keepsake Photo

Emilie WhiteHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Emilie-White_20

Natasja KremersHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Natasja Kremers_2

Brothers MartensHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Brothers Martens _1

Forged in the NorthHooray-After-Dark-Wedding-Photography-Edit_Forged in the North

Eric RonaldHOORAY_EricRonald_Melbourne_98