Technically, Tamika and Jon were already legally married in Norway, so they wanted their Queensland ‘wedding’ to feel more like a party than your traditional nuptials. There were yard games, a riverside picnic, and an enchanting tipi reception with fairy lights, fire pits, s’mores and food, drinks and dancing galore.

Seeing as Tamika grew up in a semi-rural town in Queensland and Jon is from Norway, the couple settled on the theme ‘Scandinavian-rustic’ for their Aussie affair. They chose one of our absolute fave venues in Queensland, Riverwood Estate in the Gold Coast hinterlands.

The styling was kept super simple with lots of green, white, untreated wood, florals, foliage and hyggelig elements like sheepskin, rugs and candles. The end result was cosy and natural with just a touch of magic.

Tamika and Jon’s wedding also featured plenty of handmade elements like Ferrero Rocher Golden Snitches for wedding favours made by Tamika’s mother – a nod to their love of Harry Potter – and gold wine bottles for table centrepieces collected and painted by her Aunts. Jon designed the seating plan and a wedding certificate for guests to sign and Tamika hand wrote all the name cards and created confetti cones for the ceremony. But, most impressive of all was the three-tier cake that Tamika baked and the couple put together the very morning of the wedding!

Instead of conventional canapés, Tamika and Jon decided to put on a post-wedding picnic with antipasto platters, scones and fruit. The reception then featured a succulent yet simple spit roast and dessert buffet.

‘I’ve been to so many weddings where the guests go hungry between the ceremony and reception, so having enough food was a big priority for us,’ says Tamika.

‘I also wanted it to be good food that we would cook if we had friends coming over for dinner.’

The couple says that their favourite moment of the day was seeing their guests happy and having fun.

‘Jon and I have always lived away from our families and we have friends scattered across the world, so this was the first time we had almost everyone together in the one place,’ adds Tamika.

Sit back and soak up the goodness that is Tamika and Jon’s Scandinavian-rustic wedding below.HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_01 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_02 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_03 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_04 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_05 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_06 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_07 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_08 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_09 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_10 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_11 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_12 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_13 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_14 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_15 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_16 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_17 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_18 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_19 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_20 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_21 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_22 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_23 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_24 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_25 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_26 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_27 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_28 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_29 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_30 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_31 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_32 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_33 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_34 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_35 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_36 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_37 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_38 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_39 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_40 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_41 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_42 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_43 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_44 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_45 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_46 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_47 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_48 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_49 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_50 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_51 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_52 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_53 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_54 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_55 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_56 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_57 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_58 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_59 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_60 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_61 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_62 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_63 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_64 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_65 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_66 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_67 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_68 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_69 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_70 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_71 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_72 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_73 HOORAY_JamieMurcutt_Queensland_74


Photography: Jamie Murcutt | Event Planning + Styling: Bride DIY + Riverwood Weddings | Tipi + Lighting Hire: Gold Coast Tipis |  Decorations: Bride DIY + Arctic Fox Hire & Styling | Floral Styling: Lola’s Wildflowers | Hire Items: Arctic Fox Hire & Styling | Venue: Riverwood Weddings | Catering + Drinks: Tognini’s Deli + Bilambil Farm Spit Roast | Cake: Bride DIY | Stationery: Groom DIY | Entertainment: DJ Warehouse | Yard Games: Giant Game Hire Gold Coast | Wedding Gown: Tatyana Merenyuk | Veil: Julia Belle’s Veils | Suit: Suit Shop | Engagement Ring: Natalie Marie Jewellery | Wedding Bands: Rebecca Overmann + Etsy | Hair + Makeup: Jessica McLeod MUA

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