Under a canopy of marquee lights, on a rooftop overlooking Melbourne city, Reena and Andy threw the biggest party of their lives so far, with 46 of their nearest and dearest family and friends.

Reena is an extraverted graphic designer and Andy is an introverted IT guru. They met at a youth group in Canberra, almost exactly half way between Reena’s home in Perth and Andy’s home in New Zealand. After pursuing a long-distance relationship for five years, with twice yearly visits (and plenty of Skype sessions), the pair finally settled in Melbourne to make a life together.

Reena and Andy decided they didn’t want a traditional wedding. Their only requirement was that they created a day where their guests could gather together over good food and have a ‘bloody good time.’

Growing up, Reena always knew she wanted a wedding that was pretty but also incredibly funky. After catching an article on balloon installations, she knew that it would be a total hit and much more in-your-face than just flowers and foliage.

Reena set her sights on a pale pink balloon installation that would be the focal point of her special day. Like any good graphic designer, she also visited the vendor’s house to ensure she used the exact same shade of pink on her giant, self-designed A3 wedding invitations.

To style her wedding, Reena started by making a moodboard on her phone that she could reference when sourcing different elements. And although she sometimes got sidetracked and ended up with something a little different to her vision, she says that at the end of the day, it still represented her and Andy.

‘My advice for other couples is to just do whatever you feel reflects you, and make sure you have fun!’ says Reena.

‘We didn’t have a bridal party because it wasn’t possible given that our families and best friends lived overseas. We also didn’t have a first dance, because I can’t dance!’

‘Also, if it’s not economically feasible, you can do without. We skipped the bridal car and decided Uber would suffice, given the short distance and difficulty in finding parking nearby our venue. Plus, my wedding Uber turned out to be a cute bright red car, so really not that bad after all!’

Check out Reena and Andy’s super cute, unconventional Melbourne wedding below!HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_01 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_02 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_03 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_04 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_05 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_06 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_07 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_08 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_09 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_10 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_13 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_14 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_15 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_16 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_19 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_20 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_23 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_24 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_25 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_28 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_29 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_30 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_31 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_32 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_33 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_34 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_35 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_36 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_38 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_41 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_42 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_43 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_44 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_45 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_46 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_47 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_48 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_49 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_53 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_54 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_55 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_56 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_57 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_58 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_59 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_60 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_61 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_62 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_63 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_64 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_65 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_66 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_67 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_68 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_69 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_70 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_71 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_72 HOORAY_WhiteVinePhotography_Melbourne_73


Photography: White Vine Photography | Event Planning + Styling: Bride DIY | Decorations: Moonshot Balloons | Floral Styling: Decor It | Hire Items: Dann Event Hire + Simmons Linen Hire | Venue: Tonic House Rooftop | Catering + Drinks: Tommy Collins by Atlantic Group | Stationery: Bride DIY | Entertainment: DJ Clinton | Wedding Gown: Alex Perry (ceremony) + Thurley (reception) | Accessories: The Daily Edited | Shoes: Wittner | Suit: Peter Jackson | Engagement Ring: Paul Bram | Wedding Band: Michael Hill | Celebrant: Kate Mac | Hair + Makeup: Ivy Wong | Transport: Uber

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