Looking to throw a mermaid party for a special little person in your life? You’ve come to the right place!

We teamed up with one of our fave baking brands, Dr. Oetker, to create a magical birthday party inspired by mermaids, sea creatures and all things whimsical.

It’s brimming with so many gorgeous details! Read on to discover plenty of mermaid-themed celebration inspiration.

1. Choose your party colour palette 

The first step is to pick a colour scheme to set the foundation for your styling. We opted for pink, purple and blue hues, complemented with hints of metallic silver and pops of coral.

Do you like it? Our little party goers approved! Line-breakHooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_41Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_20Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_21

2. Send the invites

Finalise the guest list and send out the invitations.

We recommend sending them between 3 – 6 weeks before the big day, so little mermaids have enough time to find their favourite dresses!Line-break

3. Create a mermaid-inspired cake

Taking inspiration from ocean waves and the sea floor, La Ombre Creations designed a bespoke buttercream cake for our mini party guests to enjoy.

In addition to aqua sugar toffee, buttercream and silver leaf, our clever cake designer used Party Pals Mermaid Themed Icing Decorations to set the under-the-sea scene.

These cuties are pre-made royal icing shaped into mermaid tails, seahorses, starfish and seashells – the perfect way to up your cake decorating game! They’re available in the baking aisle at Woolworths.Line-breakHOORAY - Lets Be Mermaids_BlogSize-80Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_93Line-break

4. Bake sea-inspired treats

If you’re a baking enthusiast, this might just be the best bit! Taking under the sea as our guiding inspiration, we created a range of mermaid-themed desserts.

Clamshell Macarons

Our adorable clamshell macarons were decorated using Dr. Oetker Designer Icing and Glitter Writing Icing Pens – perfect for decorating cupcakes or biscuits and oh-so-easy to use!Line-breakHooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_98Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_100Line-break

Seafloor Bark

How’s this for a super sweet dessert? We created our seafloor bark using Dr. Oetker White Easy Choc and Gel Food Colours, before decorating with Neon Sugar, Sugar Strands, Polka Dot Sprinkles and Mermaid Party Pals.Line-breakHooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_101

Under the Sea Sugar Cookies

Our under-the-sea themed cookies are shaped into mermaid tails, starfish and clamshells. La Ombre Creations decorated them using Dr. Oetker Designer Icing and Glitter Writing Icing Pens.

Aren’t they gorgeous?Line-breakHooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_94

5. Serve up some sea water

Well, not literally! Simply use blue gel food colour to transform lemonade or fruit juice into a magical mermaid concoction. Line-breakHooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_02 Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_09Line-break

6. Set up a cupcake decorating station

Looking for the perfect activity to keep tiny mermaids entertained for the duration of your celebration? We suggest setting up a cupcake decorating station.

Our little party goers enjoyed decorating cookies and cupcakes with Sprinkles, Neon Sugar, Brights and Neon Glitter Writing Icing Pens and Mermaid Party Pals icing decorations.Line-break Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_16Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_105Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_24Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_84Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_86

7. Get decorating!

Our party guests had so much fun at the decoration station, they could have kept decorating all afternoon!

They especially loved getting creative with the glitter-filled edible writing gel.Line-break Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_29Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_89Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_36 Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_104Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_90Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_32Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_35

8. Time to tuck in! 

Because, what’s the point of decorating without a little sampling?Line-break Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_37Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_38Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_39 Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_14


9. Cut the cake

Sing happy birthday and cut the cake (…even though it’s almost too pretty to eat!). Line-breakHooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_47Hooray_Magical-Mermaid-Party_49Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_48 Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_56 Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_46Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_55

10. Let’s Dance! 

Scatter a bunch of balloons across the floor, turn on the party tunes and get little ones dancing off their sugar rush!

We suggest a mermaid-themed playlist (of course!). Line-breakHooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_22Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_42 Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_43Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_23Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_44Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_45

11. Treats to take home

No party is complete without some super cute favors for little guests to take home!Line-break Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_52Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_54Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_51Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_53

12. Say goodbye! 

Hug your mermaid pals goodbye – until next time! Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_103Hooray-Magical-Mermaid-Birthday-party-ideas_40


Photography: Bel Combridge | Creative + Styling: Emily Coates and Giorgi Couch, HOORAY! | Cakes + desserts: La Ombre Creations | Styling Assistants: Pheonix McKay + Danielle Hatch | Stationery Design: The Little Details | Streamer Installation: Bangin Hangins | Party Decorations: Ruby Rabbit | Venue: The Social Club, Kingston | Dresses: Tutu Du Monde | Models: Isla, Rhylan and Ava

This editorial was created in partnership with Dr. Oetker Australia