Effortlessly romantic and inherently moving, ‘first look’ frames are fast becoming one of our fave wedding day photographs.

Think stolen moments before the ceremony unfolds and intimate exchanges as the couple lay eyes on each other for the first time…

Forget old wives’ tales and superstitious traditions about not seeing each other before the ceremony, because these are moments made to treasure. Plus, that tradition stems from times of arranged marriages, born from a fear that a groom might change his mind upon seeing his bride!

Set before endless horizons or in quiet corners of family homes, the magic of first looks is in the montage; the story told frame-to-frame as jaws drop and eyes fill with tears.

Not sure if the first look is for you? We’ve rounded up our top shots to get you inspired, where the emotion is so real we’d recommend having a tissue box at the ready!

Autumn NicoleHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_24

Dan O’DayHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_05Tomek PhotographyHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_23

Montanna LeeHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_21

M.K. SadlerHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_19

Maddie MaeHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_17

Mitch PohlHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_18

Irina and MatejHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_11

Forged in the NorthHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_10A Fist Full of BoltsHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_09

Fiona and BobbyHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_08

Duke MooseHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_07

Joey WillisHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_13

Days Made of LoveHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_06

Damien MilanHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_04

Katie GrantHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_14

Chris and RuthHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_03

Joel and JustynaHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_12

Jordan VothHooray-First-look-wedding-photography_25