Audrey is a cheerful and fun young woman. When planning her 16th birthday party, her mother Jenny (party stylist and founder of Bloom Designs Online), wanted the party to reflect Audrey’s bright personality.

Jenny decided the perfect theme for her daughter was ‘Fiesta Forever,’ seeing as she could incorporate many small details that Audrey would love, like flowers and Mexican food.

We have to admit, we’re totally in awe of Jenny’s handy work throughout this fab fiesta. She created a Mexican floral pattern that became the inspiration for the invitation and the party décor. She handmade personalised paper banners and hung them above the dining tables and across the drink and dessert bars, and she spray-painted small piñatas and embellished them with paper florals according to the colour scheme. She even printed table runners with her party pattern and personalised paper plates with the number 16.

Throughout the party, adult guests fiesta-ed at the bebidas table, while Audrey and her friends sipped their favorite agua frescas. Everyone feasted at the street taco and ‘build your own nachos’ stands, and took plenty of cheesy photos at the photobooth.

‘But for me the focus of the party is always the dessert table. We used tons of bright paper flowers for the backdrop and filled the table with incredible treats,’ says Jenny.

‘Guests feasted on custom sugar cookies, macarons, flower embellished donuts and chocolate trifles in mini floral cups. My favorite was the hand-painted watercolor cake with the edible paper flower that complimented the invitation.’

We think Audrey is pretty lucky to have a creative mother that can throw her one heck of a 16th birthday bash. Check it out below!HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_01 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_02 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_03 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_04 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_05 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_10 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_11 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_12 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_14 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_15 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_16 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_13HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_25 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_26 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_27 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_28 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_29fiesta132 fiesta181 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_30HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_32 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_31 fiesta25 fiesta52(1)HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_37fiesta34 fiesta68fiesta93 fiesta96 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_38fiesta130 fiesta131 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_39 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_40 HOORAY_BloomDesignsOnline_California_41


Photography: Bloom Designs Online | Event Planning, Styling, Decorations, Floral Styling + Stationery: Bloom Designs Online | Cake: Sweet and Saucy Shop

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